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Breakfast Topic: What makes a great raid leader? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 7:08AM I've been guildmaster in WoW for the past 6 years, and I've seen them all.

- The "nazi" officer only there for the loot.
- The "The fun hammer" officer who made jokes, didn't take stuff to personal, but hammered people for mistakes.
- The "Drunken" Irishman, who made it a lot more fun to raid, but was bombed out a lot of the time.
- The Militaristic Romanian (The ogre) who had everything laid out, knew people in theraids abilities and such...
- And my self.... which I'll comment in another thread.. :)

I actually think the language barrier have been the toughest obstacle in our guilds history, it was easier when we where a mono-lauguage guild, being a multi-cultural guild tend to make people "sense" different prononcations differently and a "get out of the fire" I'm sure must mean "stay" in some languages... !... or?.

From all the above experience, I have learned that a few qualities makes a raidleaders work.

Basicly, there are a few ways to lead the raid that makes up for some qualities
- Don't be a hot head- keep your rage attacks offline.
- DONT start arguments or dissagreements DOING the raid take it after.
- Give CLEAR goals to achieve _EACH_ day/time you raid.
- Tell people of what YOU exspect to happen
- Give Short Commands to people, WRITE them in /RAID to make sure it's "on paper".
- Use Tools (eg. Raidmarks) to demostrate where to stand and how to procede, tell people 1-2 phases at the time.
- Have both a Raid Leader, and a Raid Coodinator in big raids helps a lot.
- Be realistic with a hint of optimstic all the time.
- Make good breaks, but be sure people are back, slack means unfocused people for 10-15mins.
- Fun is a release vent, but forget when there is raiding.
- Most people need CLEAR commands from _one_ person only. But you can 'have ability Spotters on some fights, who helps the Raid Leader focus on the more important things.
- Best overview for Raid leaders, IMHO, comes from Tanks, > Ranged DPS > mDPS > Healers. Healers are good at watching the status of the raid, but since healers are the one class type which needs to make choices in fights, making choices for others tend to be a raid wipe. (not always there are raidleaders who can both)

Anyway, I've been raidleading myself for the last 3½ year now... 2-5 times a week, and Personally it's a takless job, made only difficult by the fact that people still do what ever they want to, and you can't kick them physically in the arse when they mess up! ;) I've stopped being a raid leader on hardcore raids, I personally didn't want to be the Raid Leader, but that's how it ended up, I'm by far not perfect raid leader, I could do a lot of things differently, but I've always believe that people excel a lot better if driven by a carrot, than by a stick, and I've heard that I'm doing it well, with a hint of sarcasm at time, which I guess Is a Danish Trait I won't be able to loose! ;)


Top five toughest and easiest raid bosses {WoW}

Feb 20th 2009 6:33AM this is a long list, but it's fairly easy to just judge an encounter by pure deathtoll.

In my guild history (and we raided everything except the last 2 wings in NAX in vanilla WoW)

The Hardest 5 Fight .
- Vael in Black Rock Mountain, the shear amount of deaths to this poor deluded drake was just insane, our first kill on this was on the warsong-eu server with 2000-4000ms - what a nightmare.
- Sartura in AQ40, it tooks us meny nights to learn this encounter, we had a tank shortage at this time, and no one wanted to go into melee with her.
- Bugged pre-pre-pre-pre-nerf Onyxia, when she was bugged and constantly made breaths on people, we had a night with 15+ something breaths, around one every 15sec that was just... - insane.
- Kael'Sunstrider - Tempest keep, 5 phases of utter chaos, and no one figured out wth was going on, dont even go there wit hthe learning curve on this one - but I REALLY liked this fight.
- Bloodboil, Black Temple - I know I had to pick a number 5 between c'thun, Archimonde and bloodboil- but when it all boils down to pure deathtoll, Bloodboil took the price, not only did we fight lag at this time, but we also fought failed game interrest and other things, making this encounter overly complicated at best.

other bosses I could mention Bloodlord mandokir, and General Drakkisath also gave us a good nagging back then, not to mention Nefarian - uuh shivers!.. and Twins in AQ40, and I could go on with some scary stories there...

Easiest 5 Bosses.
- Mother Shadowresist inside of Black Temple, no one had tried her before and we one shottet her, after that - most where like -- was that it?... is there a phase 2? and other mindless comments combined with a lot of laughter.
- Akama, inside of Black Temple, we one shottet this the first time we saw it, and laughed our arses off how the difficulty of this boss, we couldn't believe our own eyes, but not complaining at all, cus sometimes there need bosses like this.
- Chess Event, inside of KZ - it's an event, but still the easiest frag ever, I heard of a guild "wiping" here, but ... really...
- Void Reaver, from inside of Tempest keep, well.. yes it's easy did it in one go, but all things fair, it was okey to put the easiest boss with the toughest boss at that time, so no hard feelings...
- Lurker from Below, from inside SSC, I know some people didn't get this fight, but it was actually the first "Move out of stuff" fight at this time, just like Gruul's falling debris this one was a test of LEARN TO READ THE #¤!¤!"¤!# SCREEN fight, beyond that it was so easy and simple that I some times cried when people for some reason could actually die there.

of other easy bosses I could add most of SSC, BT, MH was just annoying to grind cus there was no trash skips, and so on... but then again, it also just depends alot on who you play with at the time.

In essence I havn't seen a fight that wasn't completely understandable within 1 or two tries, but fights like Archimonde, was some times very very random.


MMOGology: I lost a friend to WAR {Massively}

Oct 8th 2008 4:06AM I've played WoW for 3½ year now, Early Beta - back then all my friends where playing EQ and SWG,and I said I'd never ever play an MMO....

.. but I gave WoW a chance, gave it a look, and suddenly I was hooked, I spread the influence to my friends and said .."you gotta try this..."

.. When Warhammer came out, I was like, I gotta try this, It can only be better than AoC and LotrO (who really lacked an propper feel about it - it was to pwetty), WAR isn't pwetty, its a little harsh around the edges, though it lacks the blood splatter of AoC it has a charme...

What is more interresting is that they actually managed to make leveling fun, I know this sounds really wierd coming from WoW, but leveling is _fun_ I have NO idea about the engame raiding system and stuff like that, since WAR is slightly not there yet. It's an entrely another way to level, there is virtually no standstill - (except the annoyingly low amount of flightpaths to chapter camps... ) which means you jump from a Quest to a Public Quest, to a RvR Scenerio, witin a few minutes, and when you're done you return back to what you where doing, it's absolutely brilliant. (I dont know if that's how it was in the other game I didn't play) ... I dont even remember feeling this being as fun as the first time I leveled up in WoW, the only think that really frustrated me in WoW was the _time used vs reward gained_ you can spend aeons of time in wow without having a feeling of anything "done"... sure you level, but in WAR it's renown, influence, chapters, rvr fights, XP, new skills on almost every level, Morale bonuses, Fort sieges and more... in WoW it's just kill this, do that ...

so.. the real question will be, will WAR kill my WoW part? far it's doing just that, the thrill in WAR is alluring, much more than AoC ever was, or LotRO with is heavy lore could pull off... Sure WAR has problems (did I mention the flight paths?) but so do all new games, and those of you who played WoW in the early days will nod and say "people who started when tbc came have nooo idea" ... Thre are some class balancing issues, Order vs Destruction issues, som Scenarios that favors one side more than the other and so on... but then again there are room for improvement which is okey.

Will I return with WotLK ?.. yes I will I've pre-ordered my 2 copies (Ihave 2 accounts) already and I'm awaiting the expansion wth annoyed eagerness, cus I know.... that the leveling in WoW will be - dont even know how to say this nice - !#!"#!"#!"!¤! - sure there'l be a lot of pwetty lore and landscape, but it needs to be more than fragging awesome to make up for a leveling system which is close to dying of cancer... (sorry no offence to people with cancer it's not even funny)....

Play what you want and how you want, and find others who like you wants to do it like that... and you're come a long way to waste your time with others - in a good way :D


Blizz posts DK creation FAQ {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 5:22AM Ah com'on folks...

the Death Knighs is not ment as a "free-ride,- recruit-a-friend,-flood-other-servers,-cus-I-dont wanna-level-up-on-my-friends-realm"- Offer... - it's the new class of Magical Tanking, and melee DPS.

IF it's such a problem, not playing with your friends - use the next 5 weeks before WotLK to get that damn Alt to lvl 55 and stop believing, that everything in this world should be handed to you, and that you should be able to do all things at the same time, and have all options served on a silver platter...

why should the DK be a ticket for you to go to another server, if all your friends, or half of them, or just one of them, play on another server - ffs you have survived without the need to go to their server until now, what should make the DK your ticket? but buuhuuu mr. Tallens it would be so nice - yeah?`- so would Sheep on my priest, or a REAL shield on my priest as well be... but you cant get everything - it's no unreasonable that the DK cant be played on another server where you have no lvl 55 alts.

... if you miss them so much - by all means join them, dont stick around on your own server, if it's not making you happy - you cant do it all. Be Real about it - even though it's a fantasy game where dreams come true, it's not a frigging kittielitter for stupid ideas.


Cast of The Guild to be at BlizzCon {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 4:01AM "[Quote]" The only thought that it's provoked is on the subject of why the kind of thick skin most people develop in every-day life suddenly evaporates when they go online. "[/Quote]"


In anycase, no matter how TB said it, it's frags like wowblogger.blabla who messes up everthing and no matter how you turn the pages on that note, it's still spam, - bad spam at best - it has nothing to do with TB or anyone else, - with the slight exception of wowblogger who should pack his endless spam and put it where the sun dont shine, IF he wants to have his site promoted he shoul'd be such a wanker about it, there are other ways, better ways, and tbh. ways that will get even me looking - now it just reak spam, bad-net-behavior and what not.

@OT: Good to see falicia going out there, and do tell if the episode of house is worth it...


Breakfast Topic: Top 10 excuses to get out of work when WotLK is released {WoW}

Sep 15th 2008 8:04AM I've already saved up vacation for this, so.. it's no biggie, 4 of my friends are comming home to me, and then we lock ourselves down for 6 days until we are lvl 80...


WoW Moviewatch: Wings for Hector {WoW}

Sep 10th 2008 4:36AM Any vid who has Tool in their tracklist dont need good pictures to be good, one can just close ones eyes and ejoy the wounderous voice of Maynard...

That the vid have wicked cuts and stuff just makes fan'frigging'tastic... - Ilike this twisted display of pictures.


Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 3:53AM *sigh*

I'm sick and tired of listening to all this recruit a friend, mostly becus in Denmark it's not possible to utilize this feature, and becus I dont believe it to neither a spoiler nor a game breaker...

Every gamer knows that ones you have played tru lvl 1-60 once... or twice... you're not really going to enjoy the 3rd, or 6th time, they are just something that must be completed fast.

Also, if a new person joins the game, and is going to play with his friends, I'd be damned if I wanted to start a lvl 1 char again just to make htis happen, odds are he/she and I are just gonna get bored with the leveling (I know I am) .

I'm not the first to say "it should be easy" I'm just once again raising the flags for those who have already played 3 years or more, and saying that there should be some perks for these people, to do stuff for others.

Anyway... no more recruit a friend talk please.. it's burning my ears.


Forum post of the day: No more newbies? {WoW}

Aug 29th 2008 9:11AM "I've met people who have been playing WoW for years, and are still missing a basic understanding of many of the mechanics."

I've met Players who've played for 3 years now and they STILL dont have a fragging clue as to what's going on.

For a new player to come to wow, is a lot easier than back in the days, but that does not mean that new players have that feeling - what kept them away 2-3 years ago?...

I dont believe the new things are good, but I do believe they should reward people who have played for the last 1-3 years with benefits, instead of making it easier for new players...

eg. if an old player has a Main who's top level for the last 2 years he gains a 10% bonus increase to leveling etc.

IF he recruits a player that player will have a benefit later on, and so on..

instead of making the "playfield" even for all, - cus I still dont believe that new people see all the changes made, or even register them as "easier" ...

Loyal players on the other hand feel a little a... fragged, tbh.


Totem Talk: Into Medivh's Tower and beyond {WoW}

May 30th 2008 3:47AM Id say it depends on the other gear out there... and what instances you have access too.

IF you're not doing MH and BT then the cloth might be best, if you're doing SSC and TK that cloth will be best. - if you're just farming KZ and ZA the Cloth will also be good.

But the second you start to hit BT+ the Mail Chest is one of the best in the game - Alternatively instead of buying the 100 badge thing, go for the 75 badge thing with Crit, Haste _and_ dmg...

You should have plenty oh'time to get it in time.

I have with my elemental gear not downgraded to cloth (except cloak of'cus) ever, there are so meny mail magic out there taht there'be plenty of options!

Happy hurting, and getting your elemental shaman into the highends, it' takes work, and even tho spamming 1-3 buttoms can be "stressful" it's the totems and mana which will be your biggest concern... :)

I'm currently at 24.7% crit, and 153(253 with trinket) Haste, and Hit Capped... with 1134+ UB nature dmg. and it's fun fun.

Oh another hting never put he elemental shamn in the melee group, that's just silly, even with LB spam you'll oom faster than light. get a propper setup 2 Fire Mages, 1 Destrolock, and a Shadow Priest, and go mental :) yir yir!