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Breakfast Topic: Guild sayings {WoW}

May 22nd 2008 8:36AM Most of our sayings refere to someone who did something silly.

"Falling off the world edges" in outlands is called a "jawz style"
"Charging new trash" never seen before is called a "mermizer"
"Dying to often" is called "a tallens closed eye fighting combo" (me on my priest in the early days /sigh!)
"Fearing" at wrong times is called "A klaays manuever"
"Falling of the flying mount" is called "a fat druid" or when it's a plate user it's "metal fatigue"

and we have more

More migrations for Europe {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 4:12AM Like someone pointed out, I came from EU-Warsong but even though it from the start had a large mixed group it grew more and more Russian, so when migrations finally came, anyone who could moved to EU-Neptulon.

I myself is from Denmark, and the Majority of my guild members are Danes, Bulgarians, and from somewhere in the UK - The server is Largely popuilated by Bulgarians and Scandinavians (a lot of guilds on Neptulon are "one country"-only, like Vildabrax = Nordic, Sober Kannibals Danes, and so on... )

Most of the server is consisting of old "pre" tbc players but a steady influx of TBC players have surfaced.


Test realm forum offline, possible pointer to WotLK beta {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 7:45AM Well, ofcus it's exciting, and we are all hungry to see if the grass will be greener in the next expansion, - if we are going to get nerfed, buffed, OP'ed, or what ever, especially the gear, Talents and the new Class are all very exciting subjects which ofcus interrests us.

But, some times it just seems like people are in to much a Hurry, my own guild is over half way through BT now, and we are more and more feeling the pressure of having to fight time - we dont need the gear, we just want to say "we saw the whole thing" before the next expansion. - every little tidbit of news or hints of WotLK news sends shivers and mentalquakes down the ranks :)

but but but I'm just venting here... hehe..

There are meny ghosts, and mostly becus Blizzard wont give an inch of info until they are "sure" they know what'll be going to happen... - just like release dates.

(odds are they might even be trying to time, the new expansion with the release of WAR this fall)


Test realm forum offline, possible pointer to WotLK beta {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 7:28AM Even though I believe people are seeing ghosts these days about WotLK, - eaven before the dust of patch 2.4 have settled people dont care anymore and starts to point ahead of time... - seeing things where no things are.


I believe you're right, if one counts how Blizzard have done things in the past, we know they'll announce things 1-1.5 months after "their last" Content patch, and after they themselves leak things, the F&F tests starts, and then we might see things put unto motion.
- I'm told that blizzard are still wokring on the concept of the landscapes and instances to come and leave etc. - which means at least 2 month more of design and planning.

But as mentioned, I'd be amazed if we see the exspansion within the next 4-5 months.. Early September still sounds like the "date" we should aim for..

But as you say, not long until we'll start to see the first offical "ingame" changes spawn around (more than we have now), - if they do it like last time they'll start to announce New Talents and the likes as soon as F&F (pre-beta) tests starts.


Breakfast Topic: Major city vibes {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2008 9:03AM Now... personally...

I have never in my 3 years of playing seen any of the Alliance cities, with the slight exception of those 3 times I have Raided the Larger Alliance Cities... - You might say I've not seen enough of the world, but I prefere to keep my views like a true undead - I find my homes close to the dirt. - Orgrimmar have loads of Dirt, I like that town, though it's a bit to hot in the winter, and worse in the summer... The town have due to its location so close to just about everything important in the world... a true metropol.

But undercity.. my world.. forsaken in more than one way, it's not the same anymore, you only see people there who try to hide from the eyes of the mortal races, or the occational farmer going on to find riches and fortunes in Scarlet monestary.

The Cow world is having its period of wonder, there it's summer all day long, and there seem to be an slight influx of people landing there to do business before heading off to the Caverns of time... I dislike that place for all it's shiny happy peoeple... not damp enough for my taste...

The Blood elves are mentally misplaced they have overused, misused and overly abused the magical affinities in their surroundings, and even though their city reeks of the curruption I so much lean on, I must admit taht being a priest of the shadows, this city is not mine... lately a lot of travlers have arrived there... going as cannon fodder to the front offensive of the shattered sun - may they all die in peace, leaving our necromancers to grow in power.


The happiest class? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2008 3:26AM I'd say, playing a priest, shaman, warrior, warlock and druid at high levels all of them, the most cheerful people I've met, both as a Guild Leader, and Class Leader is priests... even though they loath the changes, they still hang on, they have good attendence, a smile even on wipes and they still fight on, even though they die at the first chance of splash, where as any other caster seems to dodge the bullet.

So.. my Winner would be after playing a priest for 3 years is that they are the most cheerful and happy class I've met.


WoW Moviewatch: A guild battle-off {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 7:01AM Our guild did this pre-TBC, it was actually kinda fun, except it fast grew to another game which from my (guild leader perspective) was kinda struggeling - namely the game "kill the guild leader" ...

But we had fun, we fought massively for 2 hours, dividing people up into teams (pre arena as well) and then fought it out, with a lot of unkindly friendly fires as the likes it was kinda really funny... the winners team one first on an item in BWL the next time, and part of the pot...


Breakfast Topic: How many characters do you play? {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 8:56AM Horde:
70 (main) Priest (Shadow)
70 (pvpMain) Warlock
70 (PvEalt) Shaman (Healing)
62 (pvpalt) Warrior (Fury)
31 (Former lvl 29 PvP Twink) Hunter
30 (alt) Rogue
22 (alt) Paladin
21 (alt) Mage (Dualbox)
20 (alt) Mage (Dualbox)
9 (alt) Druid
3x lvl 1 (Bank) Troll Rogues all of them of'cus

Allience: (all stranded)
60 (main) Druid (feral - dooh)
49 (alt) Warlock
37 (alt) Hunter
25 (alt) Rogue

//About sums it up

Breakfast Topic: Where My Altaholics At? {WoW}

Nov 1st 2007 8:17AM I've got so meny alts, that are just hanging out, waiting to get leveled.
3 lvl 70'ties all waiting for the expansion.
...and 9 low levels all in the Level of 11-30, all of them are just halting, and I cant seem to find the curage to level them...

But what' really freaks me out, with an alt is, Reputation grind, and Keying, a Mount, More Mounts, etc... argh... I have it tough enough with th 2 Mains I have, and my PvP alt.

I hope some of the old areas get some really sweet love.


The draw of DPS classes {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 4:27AM I believe the Statement that it takes responsibility to play a healer or a tank is a good estimate, Msot people when they log on to a game - dont come there for anything but to have fun, deal some damage melt some faces. this inavitable is also the rason for the same DPS'ers to Rip, pull aggro and wipe the party, but taht's another story.

DPS and the Big number syndrom also mounts in the fact taht they can actually compete (look at damage meters) to see who deals the most damage. - healers, tanks, cant really do that the same way, cus if they fuck up, the raid wipes, if damage deals fuck up, it's just another damage dealer not knowing how to play - which leads to countless wipes again.. but taht is another story ...

the "Big number syndom" or "Crits' Disease" as I call it, is and addictive and luring sickness, but it's also usefull cus, without the damage most bosses would be really silly do to.
So to step back to the original statement, as #20 states, it might ahve something to do with age, responsibility, and what you put in the game - thus said that playing a DPS class can be inmature in anyway, but I would say the least inmature players I've met have been DPS'ers, or healer classes played as DPS'ers (see shaman)