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Blood Sport: Good momentum {WoW}

Sep 7th 2010 11:10AM Hey!
It was quite interesting to read about LOS evolution if I may call it like that, and the thing is that it really is ~like that. From watching warlock gladiator videos I remember some nice examples, here's one of them:
when holy pala is down the sewers map near "stairs" and warr is a bit further up, lock goes to the direction to the pala when he is near-->pala runs away from stairs on the lower level of the map, to avoid instant howl of terror--> when pala has run away quite far lock casts fear on pala (while standing on stairs) to get pala even further and los from warrior who is on the upper level and deathcoiled then to leave no chances to pala to save his teammate.

I tried some plays like these also when started playing arenas, and it didnt work out like that. Although I was dedicated to do my best (I also leveled ench + JC only to get max sp for arenas), was reading strats and had acquired ~40k HKills through BGs, and even could get to 1,2k rating the first day I played affliction (had just changed specs) with ~80% winrate and latency ranging from 3 at its best to 30 hundred at worst (I sometimes heard what my teamm8 siad after fight had ended), but my teamm8 had no time to play after that and I didnt find any. I was and am still abit frustrated about not getting to any higher rating than 1,2k, but for those who start I can say that it may be brigter than it seems, as you really dont have to use los much and opponents will sometimes even create situations that work in favor of you themselves, like example running los of their healer when fully dotted to avoid your damage ;)