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Breakfast Topic: New Classes {WoW}

Nov 20th 2006 12:44PM BEs should get spell breakers, a pure defensive and support class who specializes in thrown weapons with a shield in the off hand. Cannot generate his own mana, he must take it from other sources to maintain it. Has abilities like sieze buff or transfer magic, or consume magic to generate mana. Can wear mail or plate but NOT cloth or leather, and has abilites similar the blood knights, such as mana regen aura or calming aura(reduces aggro range from nearby mobs) and a self buff that gives a chance to absorb any magic dmg and convert it to mana for the spell breaker. Also has banish and as a 41 point talent can spend 100% mana to cast pheonix.
Draenai should get nethercaster, a mage who specializes in AoE and disorienting fighting styles, including abilities like phase shift (forces mobs or players to lose the nethercaster as a target), windwalk, and warp (moves the nethercaster to a random location within 30 yards). Also has the talent nethercurse (targets a single non-boss mob, if the nethercaster dies, so does the mob) or netherstorm, a high-end AoE attack. Very ineffective against single mobs as a class.

No, the classes aren't exactly the most balanced, but both fit with the lore and with some tweaking could make valuable additions.

Breakfast Topic: The worst thing about being a.... {WoW}

Nov 20th 2006 10:47AM I love playing a paladin. I just learned holy shield and am at the top of the aggro tree atm. But what I hate is having people who play other classes try and tell me how I can play my class better! I specced prot for tanking purposes in TBC, and the hunter who tells me to get back and heal, or the mage that demands wisdom every 4 minutes and 55 seconds, or the druid trying to out-aggro me in cat form is gonna duel me the second we step outside the instance.

The only thing we have to fear... is spiders {WoW}

Nov 14th 2006 11:19AM I guess no one here has played quake 4.

Breakfast Topic: You Knew the Group Was Doomed When.... {WoW}

Nov 1st 2006 12:23PM I've got a good one. Its long, but its bad.
I'm playing my main (A lvl 41 pally on Gnomeregan), just raising my fishing skill in Southshore. Being how fishing is not the most entertaining way to play, I was quite relevied to see the following tell on the General channel "LF1M for SM, pally" I immediately pst the player, but not before I noticed his name. "Pitiful" (I'm not kidding)
I get queasy as soon as I see the group make up. A 38 lock, 2 hunters lvl 41 and 38, and a lvl 39 druid. And me. Great. I assume the worst and tell them that I will tank before they even ask. The leader(The 41 hunter) immediately says,
"Good, that's why you're here."
This party was already getting on my nerves.

We meet up in the entrance, and the leader heads straight into the armory. When I ask why, he tells me that he's farming herod for the helm and shoulders.


Looking back, I wish I'd left right then and there.

We start making our way into the instance, one mob group at a time. Its not long before it becomes very clear that the 38 hunter has his pet on aggressive, and the druid (our designated healer) is meleeing and casting as well as healing. My job becomes very difficult indeed, as I am forced to use blessing of protection several times to save this healer's hindparts, as well as take up the slack from the two hunters who are meleeing as well. I ask the warlock if he can't plz summon his voidwalker, and he says he never learned.


This may seem too bad to be true, but wait, it goes on.

We reach the door leading to herod (At this point the only thing keeping me around is the thought of winning the Ravager) and I stop and ask what the battle plan is, just to be sure. The leader, who had been opening the door while I was typing, sends his pet straight at herod, followed closely by the other hunter and the druid. I groan and follow suit. The two pets immediately gain aggro, and I can't get it away from them cause the hunters keep them on herod even while he spins. Herod gets to about 40% health and both the pets are dead. Finally, he turns to me. I start giving him what for until I realize that the hunters are standing away, not attacking (wtf?) the druid is trying to rez the pets, and the warlock is using rain of fire on herod.


I am forced to bubble and heal before herod goes down. I am quick and deadly with my curses until I see the warlock run out the door, then watch his health drop to 0 in about 1/3 of a second. Realizing that we still have to kill the 20 or so apprentices that spawn when herod dies, I start healing myself so I won't die when they get here. Meanwhile, the druid runs out the door to try and save him, and the next thing you know she's dead. The two hunters (still petless) charge forward in a galant effort, and take down about 2 each before having to feign death. I'm the last to get to them, and I am forced to bubble again, and finally use my lay on hands spell before the last one dies.

You know what really bit me? When herod died, he dropped the mail shoulders. As soon as he did, the hunter both rolled need while the lock and druid were dying and I was swearing at them. And I passed cause the timer ran out while I was killing the apprentices.

And the 38 hunter can't even use them yet.

No way you say? Nothing could be this pathetic?
Tell me about it.

I've had enough, and I state quite frankly that I'm leaving and they were the worst players I'd ever grouped with. They finally realize that they just might need me to get through this, and they agree to let me have anything and everything that drops off mograine and whitemane if I will stay.

Reluctantly, I stay, and we start the cathedral. Everything goes remarkable smooth up to the chapel, and I am regretting my earlier brashness. The chapel begins like it should, with the leader pulling 1 at a time out to us in the courtyard. We've got about 3 guys down when the warlock runs up into the chapel after the warlock and shadowbolts a mob on the opposite side. This sets off a chain reaction and brings 5 mobs down on the hunter and the lock in the doorway. The rest of the party runs into the doorway to help, and we actually recover pretty good. We've got 2 mobs down with the other 3 at low health, when all of a sudden the whole cathedral comes running out at us and the lock is dead. I'm not quick enough with divine shield and go down. The hunters don't live much longer. The druid however makes it to the door, barely making it away. I ask what happened? The lock says, quote, "Sorry guys, I'm trying to eat pizza here, targeted the wrong mob for rain of fire"