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The OverAchiever: 3 things that should be achievements but aren't {WoW}

Mar 16th 2012 3:35PM I just dinged 85 the other night with my priest, giving me one max level character for every single class. An achievement and/or title would be kinda nice :)

Hi, remember me? I've been here since 2004 {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 1:42PM Very good article. The one thing I find amusing is the number of players on the official forums who fiercely defend Blizzard, saying, "Well, your reward is for all the amazing content they've given you over the years!! They don't have to give you all those patches, blah, blah, blah!!" Umm, it's basic economics, you pay for a service and they provide it. That "amazing content" I should get down on my hands and knees to thank them for? I paid for it. They didn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts, they're a business. So, we're not talking about that, we're talking about a company that simply doesn't go above and beyond to make its consumers feel appreciated beyond the basic transaction.

Most good businesses will offer perks of some kind to long time consumers and it's something that Blizzard should seriously consider coming up with, or they will lose subscribers. Not short term, maybe, but in the long term, even the most hardcore Blizzard fan will eventually realize that there are many other companies that do a much better job of taking care of their veteran subscribers.

Official Scroll of Resurrection revamp details {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 8:18AM Totally agree, this is a slap in the face to veteran players and loyal subscribers everywhere. I just recently started playing again to level up yet another toon and the boost would have saved me a lot of time.

Was debating going back to trying Rift and/or TOR, but now I most certainly will. Blizzard frankly doesn't deserve my money anymore.

Breakfast Topic: Do you mind being the unsung hero? {WoW}

Jan 5th 2012 9:27AM I really hate to bring it up, but this is where The Old Republic really shines. In WoW, when you complete a certain task or achievement for a title, you get a little blurb in chat that says, " has been granted the title, "the Undying." It's nice, don't get me wrong, but that's it. However, in TOR, when you complete a section of the class questline, cutscenes and voiced dialogue really make a big deal about what you've done and how much you mean to the Republic/Sith. Making your first lightsaber, being promoted from Padawaan to Jedi by the Jedi Council (and later, "Master") all really make the player feel special. Yeah, I know it's kinda gimmicky, but it works, and works well.

And no, this isn't meant to be a "WoW vs TOR" response, so try to resist flaming me too badly (I have both accounts active atm and will play both, for awhile at least), but just a suggestion that maybe WoW could learn some things from other games.

Breakfast Topic: What features from other games would you like to see in WoW? {WoW}

Dec 19th 2011 9:34AM @mem0ryburn: With TOR being released, the game is hurting as it is. I cannot tell you how many people in game and out I personally know that have left WoW this past year, both for TOR and for just how much they disliked Cat. Do you really think it matters at this point if IF or SW have a few less people in them? Pretty soon you're only going to have "sandbox players" left as it is.

And yes, shared bank space is nice, particularly when you don't have to log in and off six different alts to make something. It's a quality of life thing, not a game changer.

Breakfast Topic: What features from other games would you like to see in WoW? {WoW}

Dec 19th 2011 8:32AM -AoE looting

-Maybe a variant of TOR where the loot sparkles change color based on the item quality.

-Guild and/or player housing. The argument I always here is, "The cities will be ghost towns!" Oh, you mean I won't get to see gold sellers, trolls and naked Nelfs dancing by the auctioneers? Please....

-Shared bank space

-A LOT more account bound stuff. If you hit exalted rep on one toon, they should be able to purchase anything from the quartermaster and send it to an alt. Would make gearing alts a HECK of a lot quicker.

New craftables and valor BoEs for patch 4.3 {WoW}

Nov 29th 2011 3:50PM ^^This^ ^ As someone who has every profession maxed among my toons, I am beyond tired of seeing patterns added with every patch that I'll never see, just because I decided to "retire" from raiding. While I certainly understand about patterns staying exclusive to current raiding content, I don't get why they won't make the recipes and mats available for VP (or whatever) for raids that are not current. Example would be to make the Firelands patterns available for JP or VP, as well as the Living Embers.

Sorry to rant but this touched on a peeve of mine o.O

5 reasons you should love Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 8:19AM To me, Cataclysm feels a bit like a Blizzard experiment which was mostly a failure. The revamp of the 1-60 quests and flying in Azeroth were nice touches but everything else was poorly executed. Leveling 80 to 85 wasn't too bad, the new zones had some nice touches and cool lore but once you hit 85, it was pretty much, "raid or die," which has plagued WoW for some time now.

Like some people have said here, the heroics felt like a return to the BC heroics, but in my view, that's a BAD thing. Spending 1-2 hours in a heroic dungeon, wiping on trash pulls that were harder than most of the bosses, only to get some crappy blues is not my idea of fun. Yes, some of the Wotlk heroics were a little too easy and aoe-fests, but at least they were short and offered decent rewards to brand new level 80s. For the record, I am an old school vanilla 40 man raider, so I'm not a "Wrath baby", or even a BC one. I've done my raiding time but I've "retired" :) However, raiding is still such an important part of this game that how it's implemented reflects each of the expansions so far.

Wotlk also made raiding accessible to most of the player base and had a little something for everyone. Hardcore? Leave Sarth's drakes up, or don't kill Freya's mini bosses and you'll get that challenge you seek. Casual or laid back? No problem, Naxx and ICC pugs were a common recurrence and everyone got to see most of the end game content eventually.

It just feels like with TBC, Blizz overtuned so much of the endgame that a large part of it was restricted to the majority of the player base. When Wotlk hit, it felt like they realized it was a mistake and worked to make almost all of the game accessible in different forms. Sadly, Cataclysm seems to suggest that they didn't learn anything and went back to heavily restricting a good part of the game to only the hardcore. The number of subscriptions which Blizzard lost seems to back this up and pretty much all of my real life friends that played have quit, both raiders and non raiders. I won't even get into how the division between 10 man and 25 man raids have killed countless raiding guilds (including mine).

I'm sure many of the hardcore players will disagree with things I've said and I can understand that (this expansion feels like it was mainly created to cater to them as it is). However, as a game company that relies on the number of players it has, you WANT to make as much of your game available to everyone as possible and sadly, Blizzard seems to have taken a huge step backward when it comes to that.

Not to keep sounding like a sour puss but Void Storage and Transmogrification just aren't enough salvage what has been a mediocre expansion.

All of the plans they talked about with MoP seems to suggest that they realized what mistakes they made here and will implement them as much as possible (more progression paths for players, shorter dungeons, etc). Understand that I'm not bashing Blizzard, they're still a great company but everyone and anyone can make a poor product (even the Beatles wrote a couple of crappy songs in their day). I guess my point is that Blizzard would do best to make MoP more like Wrath and less like Cataclysm.