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15 Minutes of Fame: World of Warcraft player "levels down" with game-related diet {WoW}

Mar 24th 2011 6:04PM That's because most go about it the wrong way. They go on a diet, fully anticipating a return to the old eating habits that made them fat in the first place. This cycle of diet-gain-diet-gain is actually disastrous to your metabolism, since you'll actually burn off metabolically-active muscle mass faster than fat if all you're doing is cutting your caloric intake to 1500 and continuing to sit around.

Now, a permanent lifestyle change - like switching to Atkins or South Beach that you really can do for life, or permanently cutting out foods that are just flat horrible, or permanently reducing the amount of empty calories from things like liquor and regular soft drinks are lifestyle changes necessary to keeping the weight off.

Same goes with exercise. You can't tell yourself you'll work out every day until something happens or an arbitrary goal is reached, and then stop. You need to set a realistic goal, and once you hit it your goal needs to change - like make the new goal to keep weight off, or get a six pack, or add muscle mass. Point being you stay in the gym, you keep your strength and lean mass gains, your metabolism stays high and it's easier to keep eating healthy rather than the all-too-easy slide back to McDonalds and Doritos and Coke. You leave the gym, you lose the activity level, which means your metabolism slows, and things like potato chips go from occasional treat to insulin-spiking binge starters.

TL;DR - Don't go on a diet to lose weight. Make permanent lifestyle changes to be permanently happier, healthier and longer lived! :-)

The Queue: Homosexual characters in WoW {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 7:44PM You mean like how my Warlock is a homo?

Though, worth mentioning, this does not alleviate my obligation to hate your class, just do our shared community a favor and try to die with a little fabulousness when the chaos bolt goes up your nose, please. ;-)

The Queue: Homosexual characters in WoW {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 7:39PM And it's ABOUT DAMN TIME. There's been gays playing WoW as long as it's been around, integrating GLBT characters into the cities and storylines would go a looooonnnngggg way in starting to diffuse the gaming community's rampant homophobia.

The Queue: Homosexual characters in WoW {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 7:37PM Pretty sure the jc daily ladies are lesbians, they're both trying to win over a female named Lila. It's all right there in the quest text.

Blood Pact: The failure of Soul Shards {WoW}

Feb 28th 2011 5:34PM This times infinity.

They announced all these spiffy things SB would do at Con in 09, and didn't really deliver. Granted as destro in any fight with ads you can get your shards back, but it generally means shirking your proper duty of burning ads in favor of whacking Shadowburn like a lunatic in hopes of hitting it with time to land under 20%. Pretty much the definition of not fun.

Blood Pact: Warlocks against the Twilight Ascendant Council {WoW}

Feb 14th 2011 5:06PM They've been pretty regular since Mr Caraway took on this column, though the removal of the reference to the Warlock columnists being repeatedly consumed by hellfire and summarily disposed of in the Twisting Nether makes me wonder if this has become permanent. Not that I'd mind, he writes well enough. :)

Blood Pact: Storming Throne of Four Winds as a warlock {WoW}

Jan 31st 2011 11:58PM Warlock-specific tricks, succinct explanations of mechanics with both a detailed explanation and a TL;DR recap, lightly slathered with just the right amount of Mage hate. Well done, Mr Caraway.

The Queue: Sheesh {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 2:35PM Oh those lovely bags... that don't sell on my lovely server with its lovely perma-borked alliance-side economy... srsly, traders out there, skip Rexxar. That crap has been screwed up since the folks that had effective monopolies back in BC got bored and decided to go do other things with their time. >.

The Queue: Sheesh {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 2:33PM No they don't. Or at least they aren't supposed to, and if they are it is quite likely a bug (which Blizz may or may not ever bother to fix). There are numerous blue posts on the official forums om this head. The exact verbiage I remember is they quit granting xp at "80, not 80.999999".

Blood Pact: Warlocks in Blackwing Descent, part 1, page 2 {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 11:02PM Ever heard the phrase 'looks good on paper'? This happens a LOT as a hiring manager. I've hired and fired more than my share, and you always try real hard to thoroughly screen, and sometimes you just get screwed by circumstances, or outright deceived. I remember at one juncture going through an admin every two weeks in a former career - it happens.

I would, however, say that as a hiring manager, there comes a point where criteria need to be reevaluated, and the great reason your perfect candidate gave as to why their start was delayed is simply no longer sustainable and is damaging the business needs. Whether or not either applies to the Warlock columnist or WoW Insider's candidate review processes, only Elizabeth Harped knows for sure. But I would remind you, we have had good columnists (oh Dominic Hobbs where art thou), and I am confident other classes have had their baddies. Also, remember, WotLK saw our theorycrafting community decimated and our ranks sorely thinned - there simply aren't as many obviously good choices for Warlock columnists as other classes.

That said, if you wanna hammer on a bad author, go for it. I pretty routinely begged to have Hobbs's vastly inferior successor removed, and went into great detail as to why. However, ranting that WoW Insider must hate us is as productive in generating good articles as it is getting Blizzard to buff us on the official forums - especially when you're targeting a respected author for the Druids who is adding to his work load in an attempt to ensure we get *something*, even if he's painfully aware he's speaking outside his primary area of expertise.

TL;DR - Be nice to the Druid, he tried, and the general they-must-hate-us tantrum is never productive.