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Gold Capped: How much can I automate? {WoW}

Sep 11th 2010 7:23PM Was supposed to be in response to the response from Basil Berntsen at Sep 9th 2010 8:06AM.

Gold Capped: How much can I automate? {WoW}

Sep 11th 2010 7:15PM You can do it with a simple in-game command: /script Postal.db.profile.OpenSpeed = 0.1 (or replace 0.1 with whatever speed you prefer, as long as it's not 0).

(shameless advertising) I modified my MailOpener addon recently to beat Postal in speed though, see Curse for that (it also has some other cool features).

Gold Capped: How much can I automate? {WoW}

Sep 11th 2010 7:06PM Funny how you find everything I have written over the edge. I'd understand you might be a little cautious of Quick Auctions Poster, but reacting the same towards MailOpener is a bit overdoing it. Ohh well, that can't be helped.

If Blizzard wanted to disable MailOpener's functionality they would only have to toggle that one flag that makes the CheckInbox function (the one that refreshes the mailbox while it's still open) require a hardware event or not, similar to what they did with the functions AVR used. This change also wouldn't really destroy any other addon (except for a tiny bit of QuickAuctions3, which copied my functionality) and it could have been done at the same time as they made the modification for AVR, but they didn't. MailOpener has been around since 17 Dec 2009 (while AVR was created in February of this year) and their has yet to be any sign from Blizzard that they do not like it.

Alright, I'm not blaming you for being extremely cautious with addons regarding the ToU, but I do think you are a bit overreacting. It's a fine post, too bad you're saying some things that are either unconfirmed or incomplete. Seems you're completely forgetting BottomScanner was turned into the realtime and still exists within the standard Auctioneer package. The only difference from the original version is that it requires one more keypress (again, Blizzard toggled a flag of a certain function).