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Guest Post: Getting into the WoW Trading Card Game {WoW}

Sep 14th 2010 6:13AM This probably isn't the most appropriate place to ask for help, but I don't know where else to look! Me and my boyfriend have just started playing the WoW TCG with a starter deck each. Mine is built around the Warlock class. We're on our 2nd match and I have the card Infernal, but we can't figure out exactly how I should use it in accordance with it's description in the box! We're just playing the basic game, no advanced concepts yet like chaining. So.. how do I use it? I pay 6 resources to put it into play.. and well the description is the bit that confuses me. It says "At the start of your turn, discard a card, or target opponent gains control of Infernal. At the end of your turn, Infernal deals 1 fire damage to each opposing hero and ally" Does this mean after I put it into play in one turn, at the beginning of every next turn I discard a card and it does the damage each turn at the end? :s Please help!