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Another 100,000 Mists of Pandaria beta invites arriving tonight {WoW}

Mar 31st 2012 3:18AM Still haven't got mine, getting antsy hear.

Transmogrification and the dismissal of the silhouette theory {WoW}

Aug 17th 2011 3:18PM And now that I have scrolled down in the web sight I see in the artical before this one, that the gear wont be destroyed, you can do weapons and shields and it can be undone just like reforging, yay for reading more.

Transmogrification and the dismissal of the silhouette theory {WoW}

Aug 17th 2011 3:11PM I loved this line "Blizzard will still churn out cool-looking armor sets for every tier with each new raiding environment." Frankly as a hunter and looking at allot of the other armor sets, I have to say it is some of the fuglyest armor sets I have ever seen. I'm all for this.

And to chime in on how it will work, I think it will work like it dose in 'Aion' not to mention other games hear, but in Aion, you have to have the two pieces of gear. Say you have an old set that you just loved the looks of but the stats are no good for you now that your maxed level. Well you take your gear to this vender, it opens a window, you drag and drop the armor with the good stats in the first and the armor that you want the stats into the second, it overwrites the stats on the low armor making it high level armor and distroying the gear that it was pulled from in the process and all this for a fee. This works for weapons as well, be we have no info on weather this will take place in wow.

And on a side note, I think this has all been planed to keep the wow player base in the game grinding for the gear they wont to be in and to compete with STWOR and not to mention Deathwing raid in the next patch.

Breakfast Topic: What spell, skill, or talent do you miss? {WoW}

Aug 17th 2011 11:31AM This about a Blizzillion times. Why do I have a shield if I can't smack u in the face with it to make you shut the hell up.

Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler discusses massive changes to threat {WoW}

Aug 16th 2011 10:36PM Frankly, I would like to see the DPS who has the gogogo mentality and start opening up and pulling the hole room expecting the tank to pull them off him just instantly get all the threat and die, be kicked from the dungeon automatically, not able to use the LFD tool for 24 hours and be flagged with a title "Worlds Biggest Doosh!" for a week.

The Queue: The one with a pun {WoW}

Jul 27th 2011 2:21PM Yeah, this happened to me last night, was in the middle of a tame about to finish and some jerk mage comes along and kills it. Frankly people, why you got to be ass clowns? blizz needs to set up a system that if a hunter is in the middle of a tame and you think it's a good idea to kill the thing, well I think you should be flagged as an jerk and targetable by bolth sides, marked with a skull on the map so you can be tracked and have the name "Dushwhaful" flashing over your head for the next 24 hours.

WoW Archivist: Patch 1.7, Rise of the Blood God {WoW}

Jul 19th 2011 9:05PM Same Hear. Ah, fond memory's of running everywhere tell level 40.

The Queue: Shaders {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2011 1:24PM @ Strawder: Hillsbrad Foothills pisses me off -so- much, as Alliance.

Hear hear, we should get a FP in the area, and as Alliance we should gather up and take back Lordaron from the zombies, it's not like were killing them, were just putting them back in the ground where they belong.

The Queue: Moooo {WoW}

May 10th 2011 11:05AM Oh lord, Heroic Gnomer. That would be an epic pain.

Marvel Universe Online will be free-to-play, penned by Bendis {Massively}

May 3rd 2011 10:35PM I don't know, I didn't like the idea of being one of 2800 Wolverines or Spidermans, but I got to thinking about this and playing as an Iconic Hero. Maybe they are taking a Multiverse approach to this. We well playing on earth 616 witch is the one we all know and love, but you are playing as Wolverine from Earth 2648 and your name is Mr. Stabsyoualot and you have complete control over your appearance, your just Wolverine from a diff universe. This works for me, I can customize my look, chose my name, and deal with the fact that there are 2800 other versions of me running around the world.