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The Queue: There's a surprise at the end {WoW}

Mar 21st 2011 11:33AM I have a wholly unrelated question.
When I first saw the Worgen before Cata hit I was super excited, I refrained from leveling my long desired priest, just so she could be an awesome wolf lady.
I do enjoy the worgen and overall I think she looks very cool but her voice! Please someone tell me its not just me! The NPC worgen women do not sound like that! Even when they are in their worgen form. /lol makes me cringe so much so that i refrain from emoting at all with her (which if you knew me you would know is hard for me).

Add this to the irritating sniff sniff and I'm considering race changing to a nelf. I really don't want to do this though, and I realize many people are going to think this is a petty complaint but I play for the fun experience of the game and the atmosphere and wow does her voice really grate on me. Are the devs working on a way to fix this?

The Queue: A river runs through it {WoW}

Sep 20th 2010 11:33AM This question is unrelated to the discussion above, but I am desperate for an answer so here goes.

My Fiance and I started playing WOW in the UK just under three years ago. Almost two years ago we moved to Canada. We have continued to play WOW on the EU realms, however we have realized that once we hit end game, raiding actually becomes an inviting concept. Between us we have almost 14 lvl 80s over half of which are ICC ready and when I can I heal my guild with my druid. Our problem is the time difference, when most raids are leaving to start their stomp and smash through ICC we are still going about our afternoon and early evening routines.

We have been told that there is no way to transfer our characters from EU to USA/Canadian servers and the idea of abandoning almost three years of hard work is rather daunting, so my question is simply, is this true? Are we going to have to abandon all our characters some of whom are very well geared with full primary and secondary professions?

If there is anyone who could answer this we would greatly appreciate it.


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