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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Landro's Lil' XT loot codes {WoW}

Dec 15th 2011 10:28AM /roll over 9000!!

The Queue: Universal {WoW}

Nov 27th 2011 2:14PM Are the wow comics still running? Or has blizz focused more on the novels? Also do you think brewfest is getting revamped with panda love instead of dwarves and goblins?

The Queue: Waking flames {WoW}

Jul 20th 2011 11:56AM Q for the Q - Is the WoW comic still going? I dont get the paper backs but buy the hardcover book instead and i havent seen a new one in awhile. Are they scrapping it? making new ones? Or just focusing on the manga?

The Queue: I need to hug a bunny right now! {WoW}

Jul 18th 2011 1:16PM Q for the Q: Swifty was recently banned (pvp warrior well known since vanilla) for doing a lifestream event and having a server crash. There have been events where they did try to crash a server but this on wasnt trying to do that. Still he was banned (not suspended banned) seems kinda crazy to me. Is this allowed? Or do you think blizz will have to give him a full pardon?

The Queue: A year ago ... {WoW}

Jul 12th 2011 11:19AM Q for the Q - On mmo champion it showed videos for the new firelands Herioc kills, but didnt say who got world first. Who got world first? And do you think firelands heriocs are easier than launch Raid since it was done in two weeks?

Breakfast Topic: What do you during Tuesday maintenance? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2011 8:06AM As a Student (college, and done this aug) i have always made sure my classes are during the tues morning. One this gives me the distraction while waiting for tues patches or downtimes....and makes it so ill go to class with no WoW distractions >_

The Queue: Irrelevant intros are new and exciting {WoW}

Jun 20th 2011 1:12PM Question for the Que

In 4.1 they mention a troll king and how the trolls are gonna rise up...well ZA, and ZG go down pretty easy BUT this king guy is still around. Do you think we may see a troll raid? Or maybe the trolls start to worship the old gods? We have 2 more raids left and was wondering if we might see some more troll love soon.

The Queue: I'll see your Deathwing, and raise you a **distracted by puppies** {WoW}

Jun 14th 2011 11:17AM Why is it Blizzard has yet to bring the mobile armory to the black berrry? I would love to be able to use my phone and not splurge on a apple product

Breakfast Topic: What memorial would you leave behind in WoW? {WoW}

Jun 7th 2011 8:03AM A little plushy of my character when i finally stop playing. In what ever gear he has one. Just so i can give it to my son and tell him what i did before he was born and that daddy killed dragons :P

Breakfast Topic: Do you enjoy soloing instances and raids? {WoW}

May 31st 2011 8:15AM Good times indeed on soloing. Was great when i was doing a MC run for fun and started the legendary questline!