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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Stat changes and you {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2012 6:52PM Blizzard is trying to make tanking entertaining by changing tank mechanics, but the issue are not the mechanics its the encounters. Youre in the right to complain.

Scattered Shots: What to do in-game when there's nothing left to do {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 4:48PM I finally got around to soloing malygos. He dropped black ice too. Ony is giving me issues with welps and the add.

Know Your Lore: Wrathion the Purified {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 6:55PM You can't rule out sabellian. Like you said black dragons are bastards. Also deathwing didn't give up his aspect powers like the others. I'm sure wrathion and sabellian fighting over who lays claim over them will be a plotline in the future.

Blue Post and Other WoW News: In which Zarhym wants LFR to say "okie dokie" {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 4:05AM They need to flag trinkets rings and neck to be class specific. Say a neck with agi can only be rolled on by rogue shaman and Hunter. Weapons will be a non issue come mop. Hunters won't use melee and no one else will use ranged.

Know Your Lore: The Dragon Soul {WoW}

Nov 27th 2011 11:27PM Wouldn't using the dragon soul hurt thrall. Look at what it did to deathwing.

Breakfast Topic: "Blizzard's Horde bias" -- fact or delusion? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 2:16PM The new book is called Tides of War. It will also go more into why Garrosh does what he does. Which in turn affects Jaina.

Scattered Shots: Improving hunter PVP {WoW}

Oct 14th 2011 4:04PM Bring back freezing arrow as targetable cc, and make it so you have to break the ice trap if you want to remove it before the timer.

Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects discounted for preorder on Amazon {WoW}

Jul 11th 2011 8:07PM wolfheart is also discounted