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Spiritual Guidance: Healing heroic Cataclysm dungeons as a priest {WoW}

Nov 7th 2010 10:37PM I actually kinda like that lightwell is needed. Honestly, it is the only thing in the expansion that encourages holy priests to diversify the spells they use. Most of the holy tree seems rather broken actually.

If you look at the disc tree, it's really well put together. Most of the talents are aimed at interconnecting spells; one spell encourages another, which in turn encourages another, which encourages another. As a disc I could see using a lot of spells with great regularity to increasing effectiveness, both in mana management as well as total heal done. You could argue that the numbers aren't right or that many bugs need to be dealt with but the fundamentals of the tree are strong.

The holy tree has virtually none of this. In fact, it has the opposite effect. It discourages the use of spells in our lineup. It's insane. Now the fact that mana is an issue makes lightwell attractive and necessitates the use of heal as a base spell. Good. But there is nothing in the tree that makes an attempt at making the other spells seem worth while. You almost don't have a choice anymore. Just cast heal, you can't afford anything else.

This is particularly insulting when you consider the number of tools at our disposal. The more spells one has to achieve a certain task the more interesting the potential casting combination could be. For example, a dps smite priest of old had very few attack spells available. This makes for a very boring dps class (just cast smite dummy!). When you have many spells to do a task inventive ways of combining them can be created to make for a more fun playing stile(for dps, rogues stacking for a finishing move, clearcasting as a mage, etc). It therefore stands to reason that the holy priest aught to have, potentially, a very interesting healing class. We don't. How many heals are we casting?

One example of where we took a major turn for the worst was with surge of light. Under the old way (a crit results in a 50% chance to have an instant cast smite or flash heal), you get a crit or three which gives you a free flash heal which triggers serenity, then you have fairly good chance of triggering surge of light again before serenity expired. The old talent would really encourage the use of flash heal, greater heal, poh, and maybe even (for triggering) holy nova. Doubly so under mana tight situations. See how a talent tree can encourage diversity. Under the tree we have now if we cast heal 20 times we might trigger sol once. Oh. I guess we're just casting heal, can't even build up serenity I guess.

We're given so many tools and a tree that fundamentally sucks. To me it shows that either Blizz has ignored the potential fun of holy priest or they were so caught up in trying to come up with something new that they lost site of the basics of tree building. Either way, until major changes happen to the tree itself I can't imagine holy being near as fun as other healers

Spiritual Guidance: Beta patch 13221 and holy priests {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2010 11:38PM I'm really glad to see other rejecting the whole chakra thing. Aside from being clunky, restrictive, and a bit annoying, it also just doesn't seem to be very priesty. I mean, doesn't kinda seem like it belongs in a shaman/druid line-up?

I get that blizz wanted to make the holy priest a bit more unique but I think this is the wrong way to go about it. If you ask me encouraging us to use our vast array of spells is all we need. If you want to make a change why not do something more in line with what the priest already is.

Consider, a shadow priest is made to specialize in shadow by a little thing called shadowform. What amounts to a rejection of holy in exchange for great power in shadow. Why not make a holyform that rejects shadow in exchange for great power in light? Mimic the tulip even: replace increase shadow damage with increase effect of holy spells, replace (selfish) reduce damage to you with (selfless)reduce damage to party. And we can all agree that the shadow priest visual is kinda cool, what if it was replaced by a slight radiance emanating from your person.

This would result in a neat separation of each builds role too. Shadow: reject light to be shadowman, Holy: reject shadow to be the ultimate holy power, Disc: why can't we have both.

Granted, the elimination of shadowfiend, psychic scream, dots, and fade would have a negative effect on holy pve and pvp, but they could easily(okay maybe not easily) be rebalanced by skill like chastise and maybe a talent doubling our mana regen from spirit. It certainly would make for a more unique class.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest changes in build 12984 and Life Grip video {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2010 2:15PM You've got to be kidding me. Try to make a holy build that is meant only for healing. You have to waste a point in trinity. Healers are just that, healers. We're not going to have time to stack 3 smites. Blizzard has some thinking to do