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Sep 23rd 2010 10:14AM Good move Euripides! By shining a light on this addon hopefully it will get broken.

People keep on arguing whether it's against the TOS, to be honest I don't really think it matters whether it is, that's not the problem. The problem is that it's an unfair and selfish addon which abuses the way the LUA framework is made. There have been plenty of addons which have been broken because they did things that the devs didn't want you to be able to do. The only reason this hasn't been broken yet is that it is so new and relatively unknown. The reactions in this story make it pretty clear that the majority of people don't like it.

The only reason people could have to be pissed is because they personally have something to gain from using this addon, while spoiling the market for the rest of us and lessening our enjoyment of the game.