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Breakfast Topic: Do you own any WoW peripherals? {WoW}

Sep 24th 2010 12:29PM The Naga Razer redefined gaming in wow for me. I love to heal, specifically raid heal and 25 man raids if given the choice (There is little in gaming more gratifying than keeping 25 people alive in the middle of chaos and carnage). I use my keyboard for moving my toons and shift/ctrl clicking to reuse the same buttons for other spells (between ctrl/shift/alt you have a total of 48 buttons within reach of your thumb). Combine the buttons with roll-over heal macros with Grid (I use Grid2 because it fits what I like better), and you have the best structure for healing that I have found. If I can be stationary, I can pretty much heal a 25 man raid with my right hand alone.

It has also helped my dps considerably, more difficult to learn for dps, but once you get the hang of it, you are crushing it. The $80 is worth the price for a device that can have such an impact on a game that you may play for multiple years (i have used it on Dragon Age Origins and a few RTS games as well and it rocks equally).