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Babies and first class: why is this an issue? {Gadling}

Mar 13th 2012 2:15PM I'll admit to getting frustrated with babies (but more often children) on planes. I personally think that the babies would do better (most, not all of course) if parents were more relaxed about it and just let their baby cry & pop their ears. Often this is why the baby is crying in the first place and after the pop, they are fine, but parents feel the pressure from all the baby-haters on the plane. I get more irritated by children running amok on a plane, kicking seats etc. I'm not mad at the child, heck I get bored on planes too. I get mad at the parent who isn't watching their child, who isn't trying to discipline or guide the child's behavior to something less frustrating for others.
I have no issue with babies or children on planes, in any class. I have issues with parents who are doing nothing about their children's behavior (and I know that it isn't always easy and some babies just cry, it happens.) If a parent is doing everything they can & the baby is still upset, I just deal with it. At least the parent is trying.

Drama Mamas: Love and marriage and WoW {WoW}

Nov 28th 2011 5:53PM This is why, when I finally decided to play WoW with my husband, we created characters on another server, and went alliance, since his main is horde. He still plays and raids with his original guild and such, but also plays with me on the alt he created. I'd never ask him to leave his guild, nor do I want to join. They have a previous relationship from before I knew him. Also, with this, he gets to experience all the alliance quests now.

Breakfast Topic: Do you use WoW to keep in touch? {WoW}

Sep 28th 2010 8:56AM My husband and I play WoW together on the same realm. Ironically, I've found the cooperation we've developed in-game carries over IRL. You have to communicate a different way, making sure your intent is coming across correctly and that communication rolls over as well.