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Ask WoW Insider: Aldor or Scryer? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2010 1:47PM This isn't as big a deal as you think, you still have access to the upper lvl profession trainers no matter which side you choose, and even if you decide to remain neutral: no one said you HAVE to choose one or the other. Of course there are perqs limited to each side, but wasn't that so when you began your toon? You're doing fine w/ that right? And why would some of you base your decision on ONE recipe? Come on, wtf is that. As long as you have confidence that your character is as strong and capable as it can be what difference does it make; want to impress a bunch of 80s? The only thing I see that impresses 80s is what kind of ride you have as you hang out in the city square, and I don't play the game to ultimately hang out in the square on a Mekgineer's Chopper and act like I was never a noob as most of them do. You have no one to impress but yourself. If you can't get some armor or a recipe one side or the other offers you can always get something comparable from somewhere else later on.