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Officers' Quarters: Burnout already? {WoW}

Mar 21st 2011 9:16PM I feel burned out on both my main and my alts, but I think they're for different reason.

First, my alts. I love my alts. I have one of each class. I have all the professions. I love the idea of leveling 7ish characters simultaneousnessly through the newly revamped old content, synergizing their profession leveling, and seeing all the new quests.

...Except that now you level so fast with heirlooms that professions can't always keep up, and then I'm stuck farming a zone for a day or two before I can move on. (Especially for mining.) And I can't even get the quest achievements for loremaster because I'll level through the zone before even doing half the quests. This has killed the fun of leveling alts for me. I've only been able to see a third of the newly done old world because I'm forced to choose between the fun quests I know, new quests, and sticking around to do a lot of green and gray quests. I've also stopped running 1-60 dungeons because again they would make me level faster and I would miss out seeing even more of the zones.

And for my Lvl 85s:
Now that my raid group doesn't need to pug, I've turned off tradechat. This has increased my sanity levels, but I don't meet new people in the game anymore. When I pug heroics, it's rare that I see someone from my server, so I don't bother conversing much. Also, I feel disheartened that I don't like TB and or the daily area much, but it bugs me that there are those purple trinkets sitting there, taunting me. I love archaeology but it's a frustrating timesink even with my archaeologist being a mage. Gearing up my high level alts feels more and more chore-ish, whereas it used to feel like an investment.

But it is weird. MY guild has the best raid attendance ever right now. Our performance and team cohesion are the most best they've ever been. Guildies who used to struggle to get their toons geared and really excel at their class and giving me a run for my money for top dps. But raids still don't feel nearly as exciting as they used to, and I'm not quite sure why.

I think also the whole atmosphere of Cata. Northrend was snowy and looked completely different and there was the theme of the rugged adventurer heading northward (I had awesome IWD nostalgia like whoa). The scourge were awesome as this enemy that kicked the world's butt in vanilla, and now you were confronting them as peers. Wrath felt like you were in the middle of a war. Like tension was slowly building to a climax of the end bosses. Cata feels like...I'm just roaming around. The plot doesn't feel like it's building. The thought of finally facing Deathwing just isn't as meaningful. He was responsible for stuff in the past, but he's only had a significant presence with the shattering, and although running around the ruins of Auberdine was meaningful, none of it carries through to end game content. And I hate how everything is centered on SW ally side. I only travel to other caps on my mage.

I've loved the idea of Azshara as an end boss ever since I first heard about her, but even with her minions' appearances, what has she done? Why do I want to kill her? Because she's evil? Pffft. (I feel like that caracature of an actor: "what is my motivation?!") I don't want to kill 'evil' things. I want to kill thinks that have pissed me off, threatened my loved ones, and deserve to die. Wrath made it really easy to interweave the RP and PvE elements of the game. In cata, I'm struggling to care about the story. (Maybe also I'm just older and plot has never been sophisticated on the whole--narrative depth appears only in patches, in an odd quest here and there. Sylvannas and Silverpine Forest are THE exception. If all of Cata felt like Silverpine & Hillsbrad, I would be playing 12 hours a day.) The worgen starting area has great atmosphere, but like the draenei, their culture is barely carried through the higher content. And what is their culture, besides old timey clothes and english accents?

Also, since this has turned into a monster rantfest that peeps will prob roll their eyes at it, I'm just gonna say it: Blizz fails pretty hard at having most its charactered centered around the american middleclass white male view of 'epicness'. If I see one more character who's basically all "I'm the manliness man who ever lived!!!1! Look at my shoulders!!! I kill things so you have to think I'm cool!!!" I'm gonna pop a bloodvessel. Sylvannas is THE only female character who feels like she could be a real person. Jaina is stuck as this ideal madonna figure who is powerful, but really just wants a man to hold her at night (according to a bio on here). (gag). Garona seems cool, but where the hell is she? Tyrande is doing nothing but holding hands with Owldude. Azshara? No personality, just evilness. ooo...exciting. And all the exotic (read: they take after non-white races) peeps are on the fringe. The trolls. The tauren. Where are their epic badasses? Hanging out, spitting at garrosh. Or dead--as we didn't even get to see them die. oooo..... riveting. And when the hell are the BEs gonna get an actual leader who isn't a bump on a log? Velen's probably just spends his days napping. (Then again, I wouldn't know since there's no reason to visit two of the most unique looking cities in the whole game.) The worgen seem maybe cool but again, the whole "arg we're white men who need to compare epeens" theme is getting boring. Goblins I haven't played, so no comment, but from what I've heard, there's just this prince dude. Who's greedy. wow. tell me more.

I used to have fun just thinking about and planning what I was going to do on wow later in the day. That rarely happens anymore.

Gold Capped: Monopolizing the market {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 10:02PM I flip with one rule in mind:

Diversify! That way, I'm not too much of a jerk for controlling a whole market, and I spread the risk. Whenever I'm bored, I just peruse the AH for stuff I know the value of and stuff I know sells really well in case I see an bargains. I have a ton of alts, so I can eyeball a lot of this. Some addons will do this for you, I've heard.

To manage risk, you can also set a pool of money aside, like "I will only spend 200g (or 2000g) a week buying stuff to flip" That way, you're forced to make smart choices and not buy up everything that looks like a bargain.

Flipping and controlling a whole market, though, is time consuming and a little jerkish. You're making other people spend more time to make more gold to buy the crap that lets them enjoy the game.

...Hm, I wonder if an MMO every tried a non-capitalist economy. That would be interesting.

The Queue: Homosexual characters in WoW {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 12:08PM "Sexuality in general just isn't that big of a plot point in the Warcraft universe."

This is easy to say when your own orientation isn't conspicuously missing.

Do you mean though that characters aren't throwing their hetness in our faces all over the place? Well, except for all those quests about lovers, and except for the stories about the SW lineage of kings and queens, and except for Garona liking dudes, and except for the Ms. Proudmoore and Thrall and KaelThaelas thing, and except for Thrall and the Outland orc woman, and except for the male characters sprinkled about in the game who throw out references to the women they flirt/sleep with, and except for some of the male dragons trying to cart off and rape some of the female ones (e.g. Deathwing and Alexstaza, the Nexus questline, etc), oh, and except for during the Vday holiday when you used to spray perfume on a guard and only a female perfume would attract male guards and only male cologne would attract female guards.

But ya, besides a thousand little references to love, sex, and marriage throughout the game, sure, sexuality just isn't that big of a point. ...When your sexuality doesn't 'happen' to be missing from any human to human interaction portrayed.

The Queue: The right and wrong ways to post Recount results {WoW}

Mar 9th 2011 1:20PM Sylvanas went lichking on his ass.

WoW Moviewatch: 9 Crimes {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 7:15PM It's the Princess Bride gone horribly wrong!

(I thought the poster was a recruitment thing, prob. b/c I just watched Heavy in Your Arms last week.)

WoW Moviewatch: 9 Crimes {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 3:01PM Can anyone infer why they were fighting? I'm assuming it was a case of mistaken identity, but the narrative gap is bugging me.

The Queue: A very special Monday treat {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 1:37PM I'm bringing the convo back the moral choices aspect to make this point, which still blows my mind: Quite a few people were disturbed by torturing someone who wanted to kill them and their loved ones, but I haven't heard of anyone else having a problem with the "enslave the stupid ignorant, Jamaican-accented trolls in the region that looks like North America where the slavers talk like pioneers and try to convince you the subhuman trolls are better off this way."

Maybe few people did that quest chain, but oh my god it was appalling to sit there and listen to characters try to justify their actions that mimicked a real historical horror that spanned centuries. That's just messed up. There may or may not be some justifiable reasons to engage in torture, but I certainly can't think of any possible ones for enslaving a whole race of beings and arguing that you are morally superior.

The fact that the quest chain overall was sympathetic to the slavers just made it worse. I played through it thinking that the trolls would HAVE to have their humanity redeemed at the end to counter all the racism in the chain, but nope. no luck. One of the trolls turns out to be sneaky and evil--which definitely wasn't a historical trope used against African American slaves AT ALL.) /end sociological rant

The Light and How to Swing It: Best practices for holy paladins {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 10:58AM The following has been bugging me for a while: I've heard some theorycrafting say that Light of Dawn is more powerful than WoG when used properly, and ideally should be cast more. But in most talent builds, a lot of the judgement-extending talents aren't taken. Maybe this is just my preferable brand of physics, but if I had to be 10-20 yds from a mob, there's no way I can include ranged dps in my LoD. So lots and lots of LoDs requires a 40yd judgment for me. (I finally changed my spec and tried this in a raid last night on ODS, and it worked pretty well.)
--But maybe this point was already assumed by everyone? Or maybe I just suck at instantly finding six people for a conal heal? (I run 10m, which could explain why it's more of an issue for me)

It's really funny, too, that a pet peeve of mine now is when someone steps behind me. I feel like the adult at a field trip: "I Need You All in my Visual Field! And don't make me put you in time out!" (Hand of Prot)

Breakfast Topic: Do you play other games besides WoW? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 10:45AM I play older games b/c (1) I'm the nostalgic sort and (2) they're good games, goshdarnit. so: Oblivion and Dragon Age: Awakening when I visit my sister with an xbox; last fall I played Diablo II online with a friend; I have an emulator to play the very old MTG: Shandalar (which, aside from the occasional AI hiccup, has kept me entertained for six months); and sometimes, when I really get the itch......I boot up Icewind Dale or BG. I also play Civ IV when I visit my parents (my father is a strategy games nut) and I was playing Caesar III and Pharoah a bit ago but the bugs finally got to me.
I'm also going to play Fallout 3 & NV when I visit the bf.
You know what I haven't played in forever, though? A HoMM game. mmm....

Breakfast Topic: Where do you play World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2011 11:52AM I usually play on my enormous ikea desk (It's somewhere between an L and a U shape). When the bf is visiting, though, we trade off between one of us using the desk and one using the bed. I pile up my philosophy books to use as a mouse pad.

I also use the couch in the living room during Law & Order marathons. Our couch is so old and stiff it work perfectly for my mouse.

Last summer I was visiting my parents and found out they had an extension cord for outside, so I spent 30 mins setting up my laptop on our back deck....only to realize that even in the shade the glare was too much.

I also--occasionally--play in my library carrel at school (It's a metal cage in the stacks with two desks in it). The internet is surprisingly respectable there.