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Sep 30th 2010 11:14AM No lag, allways newest patch, friendly gamemasters.
And 100% blizzlike!

4 Realms:

Blizzlike (normal):
100% like blizzards.

High-rate Blizzlike:
Exp: 35x Kill, 40x Quest
Money: 25x
Drop rates: 30x Poor, Normal, Uncommon, 33x Rare, 38x Epic, 40x Legendary, 35x Quest item
HP Recovery: 1.5x
MP Recovery: 1.5x

Fun Blizzlike:
Instant 80, good starting gear
Drop rates: 30x Poor, 30x Normal, 20x Uncommon, 30x Rare, 40x Epic, 40x Legendary, 80x Quest item
Money: 20x
HP Recovery: 15x
MP Recovery: 25x
Monster damage increased by: 180-220% (Depending if normal, elite or boss)
Monster hp increased by: 200-300% (Depending if normal, elite or boss)
Special stats on gear:
DMG: 12x
Attack Power: 15x
Int: 18x
Stamina: 35x
Spirit: 20x
Strenght: 12x
Agility: 10x
Feral AP: 20x
Ranged AP: 25x
Spell Power: 16x
Armor: 3x
Dodge: 1.5x
Def: 2x
Block (n): 1.2x
Block (b): 1.2x
Parry: 2.5x
Spell pene: 40x
Spell haste: 35x
Spell hit: 25x
Spell crit: 3x
Ranged Haste: 6x
Ranged Crit: 1.2x
Ranged hit: 2x
Armor Pene: 20x
Melee crit: 1.2x
Melee hit: 2x
Melee haste: 5x
Block Value: 35x
Expertise: 25x
Resilience: 7x
Mp/5: 180x

-Small PvP Room
-Small PvP Area
-Large PvP Area
Starting with 120g to buy some starting gear.

All this and much more at

Set realmlist