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Spiritual Guidance: Discipline priest 101, page 3 {WoW}

Dec 21st 2010 3:32PM One use for Leap of Faith? Pulling Death Knight tanks away from Ozruk for Shatter during Heroic Stonecore, especially because, outside of dumping all their Runic Power and switching to Unholy (which is a horrible idea), they have the worst time getting away from the bastard. They still have a hard time getting BACK to him, but, slow moving tank is better than dead tank.

Also, don't know if anyone has tried this, and I've been afraid to drop the gcd instead of healing: can you Leap of Faith the tank out of Azil's Force Grip? Generally have a rogue that's amazing at interrupting her, but, I'd like to be able to save myself and the tank some misery, and us Disc priests have pretty much NO interrupts.

The Queue: /wave {WoW}

Oct 14th 2010 2:35PM Just want to clarify: if you ALREADY had a 310% speed mount before the patch, then you will automatically have Master Riding trained, and all your flying mounts will become 310% speed. So, those with luck and achievements got to avoid the 5000 gold bill on that one.

Spiritual Guidance: Finishing Wrath raids as a 4.0.1 healing priest {WoW}

Oct 4th 2010 3:33PM Thanks for the quick response.

Divine Accuracy wasn't linked, so I wasn't sure about it. At least as linked by the MMO-Champion database, it only gives you the +hit% to Smite, which is ALMOST all we need, but a Glyph of Smite adds +20% damage to Smite while under the effects of Holy Fire, which means +24% Smite healing (with Atonement at 120% of the damage), and we'll need to hit with Holy Fire, too, if we want that extra oomph.

As well, taking the Shadow skills I listed increases haste (and boy do our non-instant spells' cast times, especially Smite itself, give me the shakes), gives us Shadowfiend as mana return (which would also need hit rating), and the ability to make Spirit count for mana return AND hit, making it doubly useful for us.

Maybe I'm just concentrating on Atonement too much, but it seems VERY awesome, and I want to use the unique niche it provides (tank/melee DPS healing BY DPS-ing). I really like the idea of pressure on the tank and melee meaning I throw down PW:B, throw down a Holy Fire, and let my DPS do the rest, hehe.

Spiritual Guidance: Finishing Wrath raids as a 4.0.1 healing priest {WoW}

Oct 4th 2010 2:58PM Question: For Discipline priests, Smite use seems fun and mandatory in this expansion. But there’s something you’ve forgotten: Smite needs to actually HIT for any of these talents to work, and I don’t know ANY healer that puts hit rating on their gear right now, and if they do, it’s only because they dual-specced Shadow. Why doesn’t your build go into Shadow to pickup Twisted Faith (converts Spirit value to Hit Rating)? Those 2 points alone would probably mean you wouldn’t need hit rating on your gear at all, and you could gear, gem and enchant for mastery, intellect, spirit, or whatever you need without feeling like Atonement will only work 50% of the time.

To get there, I'd take Darkness and Veiled Shadows. Haste is always good, and Shadowfiend might end up being a necessary mana regen spell for us.