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Ghostcrawler responds to heroic dungeon difficulty complaints {WoW}

Jan 12th 2011 7:59PM @Chrobry

I completely agree with you. I am in the same boat working 10+ hours 5 days a week and only get a few hours a night to play (which is taken up by a couple of randoms and dailys).

The content is not as hard as many people are making it out to be, if you have situational awareness and not the tunnel vision WotLK bred into everyone, it becomes a much more enjoyable and smooth experience.

I run as a Tank (346 ilevel) on my main and DPS (341 ilevel) on my alt so I'm not mega-geared, and the only issue I tend to encounter in heroics (while not tanking), is the lack of Tanks who are willing to mark for CC or even talk to DPS before zerging pulls, which often results in wipes. If you don't play to the requirements of the encounters or overgear it, you will die.

Having a sense of vulnerability again is a nice feeling.


The Daily Quest: Four point oh, dear {WoW}

Oct 4th 2010 10:57PM Good read.

Having played WoW since the first day of Vanilla and raiding all through-out Vanilla and BC, WotLK was a rather huge let down in terms of 5 man difficulty. Things are looking up though, and we may return to the days of old, when having Epics was just that. Epic.