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Breakfast Topic: Design your own level 90 spell or ability {WoW}

Aug 10th 2011 10:18AM Warlock (Demonology):

Twisted Influence - "While in Demon Form, the Warlock's influence over the twisting nether is increased, allowing him to temporarily have two summoned demons active (of different types - think Felguard and Succubus simultaneously)."

Demonic Swap - "The Warlock can instantly swap positions with a summoned demon within 50 yards. This will cause the demon to be stunned for 3 seconds but not the Warlock. Can be used while stunned or rooted. Two minute cooldown."

Transfer Affliction -"The Warlock can transfer all debuffs and DOTs currently on himself to his summoned demon. This will instantly kill the demon but leave the Warlock free of all negative effects. Two minute cooldown."

Warlock (Affliction):

Bane of Hatred - "Banes the target, causing a demonic arm to sprout from his back (think graphic from 75 corruption on Cho Gal) that does no damage to the primary target but casts Shadow Bolt at random friendly targets. Lasts 30 seconds. Only one bane can be applied per target."

Condemn - "Partially banishes the target to the twisting nether, reducing the effects of all of their abilities by 75% for 10 seconds. One minute cooldown."

Corrupted Earth - "Corrupts the ground in a ten yard radius (fixed location) around the warlock for 30 seconds. Any target entering this area will become more susceptible to DOTs and Banes (from the casting warlock only), causing the following effects:

- double damage from corruption
- If afflicted with Unstable Affliction, the target is silenced while on corrupted earth
- Bane of Doom has a 100% chance to spawn an ebon imp from damage ticks on corrupted earth
- Bane of Agony reduces the targets attack speed and time between melee hits
Two minute cooldown."

Warlock (Destruction):

Hellish Gate - "Creates a medium sized pool of flame in a targeted location. Each time an enemy touches the pool, a small flame demon spawns and attacks for 15 seconds. Each demon spawned causes the pool to shrink slightly. The pool lasts for 20 seconds or until a total of 10 flame demons have spawned. Two minute cooldown."

Embue Weapon - "Cast on a friendly target, this spell temporarily embues the target's weapon with hellfire, causing each strike to do additional fire damage and area of effect damage to enemies with 5 yards. Lasts 30 seconds. One minute cooldown."

Upcoming class mechanic changes in patch 4.0.1 {WoW}

Oct 11th 2010 2:32PM if it's anything like the PTR, you actually get to keep the soul shards. They're useless and I had to manually delete them out of my bags, but they were still there when i copied my character over to PTR.

Same is true of the Firestone and Spellstone, both of which were still in my bag even though they have been removed from the game.

Breakfast Topic: Gratitude for all things epic {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 7:34PM Was around lvl 30 in Duskwood turning in quests when something started killing guards on the road to the south. I didnt know any better so I went running to help only to run into Stitches the elite abomination. That felt like an epic moment - even though it didnt take long for me to die.