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Insider Trader: The trick to farmable Maelstrom Crystals {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 5:49PM Wowinsider articles (that aren't news updates) are pretty much always written at least a day in advance. So why would they have to give mmo-c any credit for something they had already written? I don't see any lack of class.

Phat Loot Phriday: Unidentified Cooking Utensil {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 6:25PM I did quite enjoy that movie

The Lawbringer: Net neutrality and MMOs {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 4:57PM Thats exactly what he's talking about.

WoW Rookie: Dungeoneering 102 {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 7:11PM last point should be rule #1 on every rookie, or even any 101 post.

Razer Switchblade mobile PC gaming concept unveiled {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 5:33PM damn i was really late to that reply party :(

Official PTR Patch 4.0.6 patch notes {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 3:53PM @hplusplus exactly how I was feeling.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a restoration druid, part 2 continued {WoW}

Jan 4th 2011 4:17PM As a leveling resto druid, as of last night I will not even attempt to group with a druid tank any more. I will just leave group and come back in half an hour.

Compared to the others (in the 15-30 range at least so far) I constantly pull aggro and am killed just trying to heal through the ridiculous incoming damage. Of course then healer is blamed for not keeping everybody alive even after death.