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Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 4:34PM This topic gets under my skin. I have a good friend who's brother is currently in jail. The brother went to a party, got a bit tipsy, and got a blowjob from a girl who said she was not only 18, but 21. There was no way of telling she was lying, that she was only 17. And there was certainly no way of knowing she would tell her parents and he would end up in jail. For 7 years.

Yes. He is in jail for 7 years, for getting a consensual blowjob form a 17 year old who lied about her age. And he is on the national sex offender registry.

Currently there is a 13 year old girl on the national sex offender registry for having sex with her boyfriend who was 12. Yea, children shouldn't be having sex that early (That's my personal belief) but the national sex offender registry?

To chase your friend away, simply because he is on a list that, due to it's many flaws, means nearly nothing, would be completely bastardish of you. Find out his crimes, you have his name now. If it's worth being scared of, then you can freak.

Breakfast Topic: After you gank, do you rub it in? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2011 10:06AM Never initiate combat with an enemy who can not reasonably defend himself. That means half life dealing with mobs, afk, or lowbie.

Never corpse camp unless he personally has given me reason to have ire against him.

When fighting, show no mercy, destroy all opposition.

When your enemies take a knee or collapse, give them a customary bow.

Oh. If you teabag me, I'll find you and your alts and I'll make your life a living hell. Show respect for me and I'll show respect for you. Act like an 8 year old with an attitude problem and I'll bend you over my knee.

Patch 4.2 preview: The legendary staff, Dragonwrath {WoW}

Apr 28th 2011 3:46PM Am I the only one who things the first stage is the most awesome?

Breakfast Topic: What role do you fill in your guild? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2011 9:43AM The advisor/diplomat. In the event of inter-member troubles I'm the one who hears out everybody's story, make sure everybody has made their case, there has been no miscommunication (4 times out of 5 there has been), and then makes sure everybody understands the full story before officers dole out any punishments. I find it's pretty common to see somebody get in trouble for something when in truth it was simply them making an assumption nobody else made, or they got half a story from a good friend who wasn't lying but who didn't understand the full thing and they made the right decision for what they thought the situation was, but they didn't understand the situation.

Most of the time I am just a gopher though, such conflicts are thankfully quite rare. I just keep them from being explosive and help mend the hurt feelings.

Arcane Brilliance: Things I want to see changed, arcane edition {WoW}

Mar 19th 2011 4:25PM I personally think a full on revamp would be nice. Combine fire and frost to make an elementalist tree perhaps? Then add in a tree that would have more of an abstract magic focus as opposed to the mage who can only cast one type of energy and/or physical matter. Perhaps leave fire and ice and then work the arcane tree into said abstract magic tree. Perhaps I'm just jaded at seeing so many games turning magic into "Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Life, Death"

Arcane Brilliance: Things I want to see changed, arcane edition {WoW}

Mar 19th 2011 4:20PM I've always had an immense love for arcane as a spec, less because I think it's awesome, but more because I avidly dislike the other two options. The concept of the intelligent mage, growing up, learning how to make the laws of physics bend to his will, breaking the space-time continuum for the sake of saving travel fees who grows up, every day studying to master his craft. Finally, time to enter battle and all of that knowledge, learning, study, creativity and sheer mental ability is reduced to "FIRE HOT" And don't get me started on frost.

Now, for raiding I obviously suck it up, spec fire and do my best to be my best, but I have always preferred to play arcane. Seeing some of the complexity go back to the spec would be nice I have to admit.

Breakfast Topic: What do other players do that really annoys you? {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 10:56AM I don't always loot. On an alt, I don't loot every mob. I don't need the copper and I can fund it with my main. I never will. I'm sorry if that means you don't get free leather.

The Queue: Working on my night cheese {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 1:13PM @Noyou And all of those factions help whichever side they feel like that day. They might help the Horde OR they Alliance. They aren't a halfway point between the Horde and the Alliance. They are Neutral. The point is though, the ALLIANCE doesn't accept Horde. The HORDE doesn't accept Alliance. The Argent Dawn can do whatever the Argent dawn does and help whoever they want to help. Yes, the Horde will work with the Argent Dawn even though there are humans in the Argent Dawn because the Argent Dawn isn't their enemy.

You aren't Alliance AND Argent Dawn. You can be Argent Dawn and human, but not Argent Dawn and Alliance. Not from a lore perspective. Even if you as a human work every day with the Horde as an Argent Dawn member, the Horde will never take you as a member, because the horde doesn't have humans.

The Queue: Working on my night cheese {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 12:03PM Horde vs. Alliance is a core aspect of the game. Yes, Blizzard in theory could allow "traitors" to one faction or the other. In the lore there are many different groups outside of the Horde and the Alliance, and almost all of these groups are neither. Off the top of my head I can't think of a single group that widely accepts both factions-not just the rare exception of one or two cases, that also is specifically allied with the Alliance or the Horde only.

You have the Horde, you have the Alliance, and you have a number of unaffiliated factions that take no strong side in the Horde vs. Alliance war. However, no sub faction that is tied to the Horde or Alliance allows members of the opposing faction to join.

But the lore is always changing. Blizzard could easily do a bit about how the shared cities in Outlands and Northrend resulted in a number of people who after years apart from the inter-faction friends they made have decided to go rogue and join the opposite faction. It wouldn't cause an explosion of chaos in BGs, the world wouldn't crash around us, but the game would be less Horde vs. Alliance and less of a world being torn apart as two major groups attempt to crush the other one under it's heel with a swarm of enemies trying to destroy absolutely everybody. The feel of the game would very likely change when the trolls move into the dwarven district of stormwind and humans are running around org on their pristine ponies.

If you feel the need to play with your friends on a different server, different faction, different race, whatever, there is a way to do it.

The Queue: Working on my night cheese {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 11:51AM Sunwalkers. The tauren holy classes-Paladin and Priest-are the result of the tauren pointing their religious attentions towards the sun as well as the moon.