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Breakfast Topic: Do you play other games besides WoW? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 10:47PM We quit WoW for Rift and have never been happier. It's the most polished MMO at launch that I have ever seen. The talent system is revolutionary and has never been done before and it's graphics make WoW look like a steaming pile.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Warriors react to patch 4.0.6 {WoW}

Feb 13th 2011 6:16AM We celebrated the patch by canceling both of our WoW accounts and picking up two digital CE's of Rift. After playing the beta I doubt we will ever be returning to WoW.

After six years Blizzard has completely failed at keep this game fresh or relevant. Every expansion it's the same formula, new area, new dungeon and raid and rinse and repeat.

Plus with all the constant nerfs to balance the pos known as Arena.... no thanks, not anymore. I'm sure warriors will go on being the whipping boy of WoW classes, failing to succeed over any other class at just about EVERYTHING.

Rift talent system makes wow look like it was designed by 5 year olds.

Lichborne: Death knight tank pre-raid gear guide {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 2:08PM I disagree that Stamina is king, I have ALWAYS been an evasion tank when tanking and I have never had a healer say I was tough to heal. In fact most healers have told me I was their favorite tank.

And now in the age of healers running out of mana, spamming big heals and tanking mainly on your health pool is just TERRIBLE advice.

Evasion wins, hands down.

The middle of the pack is a fine place to be {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 9:55PM Being middle of the road isn't acceptable. All dps except druids and paladins who are the TRUE hybrids should have a chance at topping the meters, and even then they should be reasonably close.

For one it promotes healthy competition, it also keeps people from being lazy when it comes to spec and gear. If they think they are only destined to be hidden in the middle where nobody cares anyways, not so much.

As a fury warrior I have been top DPS in every guild I have been in for over 5 years. It's not because my class was wildly over powered but because I put in a damn lot of work. I researched specs, tweaked, tested and spent a lot on gems and my enchanting.

Those who put in the effort should be rewarded, not held back by limits of their spec by Blizzard, Why would I put so much effort into my toon if I am destined to be nothing more then at the bottom of the dps charts?

Cataclysm sells 4.7 million copies in one month {WoW}

Jan 10th 2011 5:21PM What I would be curious to see is how many accounts have been canceled since Dec. 7th

I know of about a dozen so far of people who either returned and left again or canceled after being unhappy with the dungeon changes.

The sudden yet inevitable betrayal of gaming immersion {WoW}

Jan 7th 2011 7:09PM Well Uldum was the best new zone in the game, girlfriend thinks so as well.

But to each their own, however quotes from fiction based in fiction though taking you out of the fiction.... ridiculous. :)

The lack of wands in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jan 5th 2011 4:19PM Saying enchanters make a lot of money is a bit ignorant. First off enchanting mats in Cataclysm are much harder to come by as greens simply do not drop as often as they did in wrath.

Leveling through 80-85 will only get you enough mats to get around 500'ish (and that was using Wrath mats to get a jump start) after that you gotta rely on alt toons sending in greens to level it up or dungeon runs.

Speaking of dungeons isn't it lovely how I am forced to disenchant everyone's items for free! They then take those materials and sell them back to enchanters at a 500% markup, woot!

Also while leveling up I got a nice collection of scrolls enchanted and ready to go, and so did everyone else. Prices on the auction house for most of the scrolls is between 1-5 gold.. wow rolling in it now!

Then you have guildies who need enchants and while they will get their own mats few rarely tip, and when they do it's usually not more then 10-20g.

Yes I can make money on the very top high end enchants, except nobody can afford to buy them let alone enchant them to sell because the epic crystals are as rare as warriors getting buffs.