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Shifting Perspectives: Predictions for Cataclysm druids {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 10:54PM Looks like no more insta-queues for tanks... Heals are gonna be so scarce that tanks are gonna get antsy. I say suck it up(I am a Druid healer too) and queue, your gonna level faster than most because you will be in demand, re-learn your class. And at 85 you will have your pick or guild as one of the best restos on the server. When you het that realm(world?) first Deathwing kill, all this BS will be behind you and you will shine!

Also when the eventual buff to resto comes back around, you will be a god once again, unfortunately you have better chances playing Russian Roulette every Tuesday until then.

RIP Tree, I welcome the new model, but healers not usually one to use 'Use:' trinkets, getting a cooldown beyond Innervate is gonna mess with a lot of people.

Good Healing Fellow Former Treetards!