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Gold Capped: Ore-splosion {WoW}

Feb 28th 2011 5:24PM Auctionator, one of the best addons IMO. :D

Gold Capped News: Critical AH addons broken by patch 4.0.1 {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 1:33PM I find it unforunate Blizzard made these changes. The desire was to hurt the botters/gold farmers when in fact it's only hurting the AH-savvy legitimate players. Do you think that gold farmers will think "Oh, geeze, Blizzard made this against the rules, I'll stop?" They'll continue to bot and do equally as obnoxious things whether you break a legitimate addon or not.

The breaking of QA3 means, for the legitimate users, that we will spend a significant more time posting.

What that means for the majority of people who play, the consumers, is you will pay more for the items you've been enjoying at a cheap rate because people will leave the now time-consuming markets and those left will raise the prices because 1) they can and 2) they need to to make the time they're spending worth it.

The breaking of these add-ons levels no playing field: The playing field was always level, just download the addon and spend 2 seconds learning to use it. All this does is hurt every legitimate WoW player and make things easier for botters.