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Patch 4.0.1 class balance issues and you {WoW}

Oct 14th 2010 11:39AM OK I think the unforgiveable thing is they tried too much as once. This was meant to be about new races and a cataclysmic event in Azeroth.

The pointless changes were:

Talent Trees - No one asked for the changes people understood the old ones so why changes it?
Spells - Changing the level at which you are granted a spell - causing havoc on alts for no purpose
No Cross Server Instance Queueing - This will kill the game for the casual player
Archaeology - pointless fluff
Removal of Attack Power, Spell Power, Defense and Shield Block - Again I don't remember a community demand for this?

It is unforgiveable that a multi-million dollar enterprise releases such bugged and unwelcome changes without having them properly tested. I am a paying customer on a Live server and should not be expected to have a worse game playing experience thats what Beta Testing is meant to fix. Blizzard are basically ducking the real issue - they want to maximize revenue and keep costs to a minimum and really don't care what we think of the changes.

Patch 4.0.1 class balance issues and you {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 6:50PM Warrior Tanks nerfed beyond what even for a pre-patch is normal. Druid I had learned Bear at lvl 10 now I'm 14 have to go and PAY to learn CAT because the idiots took Bear off me. Mark of the Wild now a lvl 30 spell - a joke. And Glyphs well lets just say Blizz really know how to mess up they are past masters. Less than half the Glyphs were relevant to my Prot Warrior because of the Talents they removed what on earth is the point of Prime Inscriptions - none. Lastly no cross server random Instances whats that all about? This is going back to Pre-BC nonsense from them. If there are howls now there will be outrage when Cata comes out.