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Is it time to kill pure DPS? {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2011 1:23AM i really like the idea of removing "dps" from groups. shaman, hunter, rogue, and mage all have aspects and lore that could make them viable tanks or healers (yes i know shaman have healing, i meant something like enhancement taking tanking)

a good shift would be to make all classes capable of taking hits, healing or controlling, and then build dps around those. it would help alleviate the pain of trying to dps in a healing spec like now, and other classes can get some more utility.

maybe the trees are too separate now though. you would have to make talents much more obtainable. maybe make one big tree, and have core role talents like tanking and healing have requirements to put points in. at the very least they could cut out all of the extra talents that overlap from the separate trees.

Know Your Lore: Silvermoon {WoW}

Aug 25th 2011 3:34AM silvermoon is beautiful, if a little gaudy.
but i suppose it fits the high elf/blood elf image.
splendor through extravagance, corruption seen and unseen, ruin walled off and ignored.
(maybe that has been changing lore-wise. they never tell us til well after the fact.)
i suppose being bathed in holy light could improve it. it would be interesting to see some plot on blood-high elf relations and seeing the city restored.

i suppose thats a pipe dream, since a promised gomeregan still has yet to be delivered. exodar and silvermoon may never get an update...:/

The new tanking threat paradigm and you {WoW}

Aug 19th 2011 6:49PM it will be nice to not have to worry about threat, and i like the idea of tying survivablilty skills into dps abilities.

but tying the two together means tanks would be forced to cap hit and expertise at the very least, to have the buffs reliably and on demand. also, they would have to decide if they want each survival ability to stack and how long they last, because it may cause the same type of problem as DS if you can just chain your damaging abilities and get max survival all the time, and may force them to design around uptime, which will punish any tank that misses timing, which could hurt all the more since you had to drop mitigation for hit/expertise.

maybe they could just drop hit and roll it into expertise? that might be a boon for melee dps as well, since fights that require movement make it that much harder to keep behind an enemy. just a thought.

Official Void Storage preview {WoW}

Aug 19th 2011 2:52PM i couldn't see something available for all levels being 100 gold a piece. if they are really against letting it be free, i would expect it to be only a handful of gold at most, or it would be too expensive for true lowbies without mains or mad money making skills.

Totem Talk: Crit vs. mastery for enhancement shaman {WoW}

Aug 13th 2011 9:06PM it seems odd that such a potentially good thing as crit is always sub par. it definitely isn't reliable, which is why it will never be something everyone seeks.

the best thing i could think to make it better is to make it a failure stack, where each failure to critically hit increases successful crit chance. but 25-30% or higher crit is way too high for that. you would be critting every 3-4 hits (=D). classes with high crit would complain about having their crit lowered, and the stat wouldn't be able to boost it very high, which would probably devalue it possibly more than now.

Zarhym muses about 15-man raids {WoW}

Aug 11th 2011 9:56PM maybe the problems with numbers of tanks can be solved by either

-making tanks more viable dps (when not getting hit) the only problem here is blizzard wants tanks to deal less than dps, which can already be a problem
-making dps more tank like, which seems to be the exact opposite of where blizzard is taking dps. it would raise the usefulness of classes like warrior that offer little beyond a couple shouts and talent buffs (excluding experience, stuns interrupts and the like because they can be filled by other classes. not hating on warrior, i love the class) it would also unfortunately hinder other classes that couldn't perform those duties, although it might not bother them if they would have been replaced by a tank anyway.

if they were gonna do tankable dps id say warriors,dks,ferals,ret,enhancement, beastmastery and demonology would be good candidates.

Know Your Lore: The story of the mists {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 3:15AM Wouldn't that be murlocs? LOL jk XD

but naga would be annoying with the constant hissing. i would rather hear the dreaded mmmrrrggglll. murloc is one people have wanted forever and would fit with an island xpac. it seems like a fair trade for horde to get one and alliance the other.

Know Your Lore: The story of the mists {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 3:08AM if there are that many places, you could probably fill out two xpacs. i like your idea of setting up the return of sargeras, but im not sure how many xpacs remain. maybe two if they go 85-90 and 90-100 and stop, or three if they go every five levels and stop. if there are two left, the next would probably set up the ultimate big bad, but if there was three they might wait.

i like most of those ideas, but im still kinda pining for more draenei, which would probably only happen with more outland/draenor or a trip to argus. i suppose that could still happen in 2-3 xpacs...

i would like to see playable pandas and a monk like class. i wouldn't even care which side it ends up on. if alli its one more that feeds off a main's wallet, if horde, i might finally stick with a horde character. XD

WoW Moviewatch: Orc vs. Wild: Moonguard {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 1:54AM although moongaurd is considered the worst, this is as common in goldshire as camping is in crossroads (at least used to be, idk now. they added/buffed guards. actually very inconvenient for alliance trying to get map data =/ )

Totem Talk: How to level your elemental shaman {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 1:39AM yes, as stated above its important to pay attention to how a spell fires when opening. things like lightning bolt usually are cast first even if they aren't top priority because they have a "travel" time between you casting it and it hitting/alerting an enemy. during that time you can get the important flameshock or another LB before the enemy notices you.

although some classes don't get that little advantage XD