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The OverAchiever: Farewell to The Exalted {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 7:21PM I understand why Blizzard felt that they needed to make a change in the title. At the beginning of Wrath (before you could become exalted with the Taunka and the like and before the Ashen verdict even existed), it was actually a really difficult title to get. you needed at least some PvP and raid reps -- it was a real slog if you hadn't already maxed them out in BC and Vanilla. By the end of Wrath it was much easier. I did it without any raid reps and with just 1 PvP rep -- the hardest part was grinding out the 4 goblin reputations, and even then I felt like I was sort of cheating since others had obtained the title before they had access to the Taunka or the Ashen Verdict.

The problem arose with the transition to gaining "exalted" at 45 reps. Blizzard added 7 new, easily-grindable reps into the game but only increased the requirement by 5, making the title even more easily obtained than it was at the end of WotLK. I, for example, was a little sad that they made this change -- I worked reasonably hard to get the title and I felt that at 45 reps it was way too easy to get. I don't care when or how you get the title, but I thought it should at least represent roughly equivalent effort.

Raising the requirement to 50 seems about right -- it's about as difficult as it was at the beginning of WotLK. Unfortunately they realized that 50 was the right number too late. Before this change went into effect, there were two groups of people: those who got the title in Wrath at 40 and those who got it (much more easily) at 45 in Cata. Grandfathering in the WotLK people makes some sense to me, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to grandfather in the Cata people who got the title at 45 when it was far too easy. So Blizzard is in sort of a bind (if, as they say, they don't want to introduce tiered titles). They could (1) let everyone keep their title (possibly the right move even though it dilutes the impressiveness of the achievement), (2) let the WotLK people keep the title but make the Cata people work towards 50 (could you imagine the QQing if they did this?), or (3) do what they did and hit the "reset" button. I'm not sure that (3) was the right choice, but I get where they're coming from, and it does preserve the integrity of the title.

As for me, I had 41 exalted reps at the end of WotLK and just by trying to gear my toon up, I easily hit 48 before the change. I'm sort of looking forward to grinding out the Violet Eye and I'm hoping that my getting exalted with my guild will round out the title.