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Drama Mamas: Vent troubles vs. That Guy {WoW}

Mar 25th 2011 4:51PM Perhaps Lisa didn't convey it properly, but I think she's calling BS on the story as told. I find it hard to believe that if Vent really did pipe up multiple times in raid chat that vent was malfunctioning, and that multiple wipes had occured (presumably as a result) that EVERYONE would have ignored multiple cries for help.

The boss fight in question, Twin Dragons, also has a lengthy runback. It's not like there wasn't time to autofollow and alt+tab to try and fix vent, peek at a strat, or both. Also, why are you accepting readychecks? Maybe for a couple attempts you think you can "wing it," but clearly that wasn't working. You could even not run into the boss room as a way to get attention. /say for speech baloon chat. /yell even.

As other commentors have pointed out, he's probably a combination of entitled guy and unprepared guy. While unpreparedness is occasionally tolerable in an impromptu run, entitled guy is still revilied. Either way the story stinks of lies.

Lastly, what does the letter writer hope to accomplish? Assuming for a moment that they are not crying wolf, they should know to basically tell their side of the story to the Guild Leader, and perhaps look for a new home. So at best, if "vent" isn't lying, this letter is simply a "woe is me" cry for attention.

Raid Rx: What druid and shaman cooldowns would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 2:44PM As a shadow priest, PW:S feels really powerful right now. I find that the utility of a quick, powerful, instant heal can be invaluable in group and raid play.

It is slightly disconcerting to see both priest heal specs get a bunch of milage out of it, as it's one of the few spells in the game that forces a cooldown from other players, and the only one that is not considered a "cooldown," like heroism or forberance effects. I'd like to see weakened soul go through some sort of redesign where multiple priests can't step on each other's toes so much.

As far as resto cooldowns, I think shaman should get one similar to power word barrier - combo damage reduction and healing boost. Druids might do well barkskin being thown around, but perhaps we could see summoned treants perform resto tasks. The design of spells that do different things for different specs is always appealing, ala paladin guardians and priest's archangel.

Spiritual Guidance: Shadow priest changes in patch 4.0.6 {WoW}

Jan 19th 2011 3:17PM You should use archangel as often as possible (of course only at 5 stacks). Refreshing Dots first can help.

SW:D death should be used: when you need mana - as an instant to cast while moving - if you have exactly 1 gcd before refreshing a dot - when glyphed as an execute.

Any number of orbs being spent gives you the same buff for the same strength and duration (Empored Shadow). The number of orbs simply changes the bonus damage to the mind blast or spike that cashed in on the orbs.

Also, all this is subject to change based on how 4.0.6 shakes out.

The Queue: Steam tip {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2010 3:03PM I've come to love this site for many reasons, but one is that I'm able to easily view it on my Android powered phone. Sadly, not too many other sites offer good mobile experiences, but I was wondering if you could post some links to good, mobile friendly websites for those of us who prefer to do our "WoW homework" on the go.

Drama Mamas: Transgender bullying {WoW}

Oct 15th 2010 2:22PM Testosterone is not poison, it's part of being biologically male. Implying that it's poison really isn't going to make any steps towards tolerance.

Next time, try saying something along the lines of "as someone who started their transition in adulthood, their voice is not yet retrained."