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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Too soon? {WoW}

Oct 16th 2010 8:32AM As someone asked before - why use glyph of furious sundering in prot? We don't use sunder armor at all!
But more in general - don't you get the impression that tanking glyphs are just absolutely hopeless? Look:

Prime glyphs: all we get here is damage increase on some skills. Not particularly fancy, but ok. I get absolutely no choice which glyphs to use - there are only 3 glyphs that correspond with abilities usable in prot spec. Boring.

Major Glyphs: It gets far worse here. Neither of the three glyphs I used before are available now - taunt and block don't exist anymore and Shield Wall has been changed so that the glyph switches it the other way (i.e. default it's 40% on 3mins, glyph changes it to 60% on 5mins) -since I had it glyphed before, I don't need it now. In their place I have... well, really nothing to choose from. The only glyphs that there are are for AoE tanking - shockwave is a good choice anyway, ok, but apart of that I'm sort of forced to use Cleave and Thunder Clap, just because there isn't anything better. Changed to charge now, but seriously, this is really bordering on a convenience glyph, it doesn't give that much of an advantage. It is all crap. And I don't get the point of Heroic Throw glyph at all - I use HT mainly to get casters on me, I don't need them to get sunders until I establish some threat, facilitating dps before that is more of trouble than help! Or use HT for getting aggro on single-target pull, but then it's rather irrelevant because I put up sunders quickly anyway. Again - the only reason why anyone could take it, I think, is because there isn't anything better. Sad conclusion.

Minor glyphs: These are just a joke really. Unless furious sundering really does work for devastate as well, the only ones it vaguely makes sense to choose are shouts glyphs. And guess what? My Battle shout is overridden by Might, my demo shout by Vindication and now on top of that my Commanding shout is overriden by a bloody imp and by Prayer of Fortitude! Warrior bufs have been made completely obsolete (at least in 25-mans), and the only glyphs I can choose from are the ones giving warrior bufs extra duration :/