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Smacked with the banhammer, or: It came from the Customer Service Forum {WoW}

Apr 4th 2007 12:07AM Received a nasty shock today; My account hacked and stripped (all 6 60-70's)... and for some reason my flatmate's account is perma-banned for 'exploitation of in-game economy'... He assures me he's never bought/sold gold or anything of the like. I have zero hopes of getting either my or his characters/possessions returned to me.

Tier 4 set for most builds? {WoW}

Nov 6th 2006 8:47PM About Shadow-specced priests... I believe Blizzard is still holding them back for a very good reason. If any of you have played 'Guild Wars', you'll know what I mean when I say priests (or monks in Guild Wars) have the potential to be completely dominant in large areas of the game if they become too all-round powerful. So unrealistic also, for example in Guild Wars, one solo monk with 55 hitpoints taking out everything in arguably the hardest dungeon in the game, the Underworld.. So perhaps it's a good thing that Shadow-specced priests are still held back. When you think 'priest', you don't really think 'evil, mega-damaging guy', rather 'holy, blessed healer' and that sort of thing...

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