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Leaving WoW until the Burning Crusade {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2006 1:38AM The expansion is merely going to be more of the same and the endgame just takes longer to reach. I just hope there are more dynamic instances that require more than just tank, heal, and dps. I hope there are new types of quests instead of just the old kill x number of mobs or collect y pieces of something.

I agree that WoW shouldn't only be for solo but, it's not like you want to group all the time to do anything. I just think WoW doesn't make easy to group up right now. Sometimes it takes like an hour to find a group for UBRS. Since it seems that there are a lot of casual players, I find that many people in my groups have to leave in the middle of an instance and leave the group without a tank or healer. And there are only so many times you can do an instance before you get tired of it, especially UBRS.

WoW basically enforces the replay value in endgame. Like in other games, once you beat a boss, you can move on to other enemies and so on. Then you can play it again on a harder difficulty level or something and the boss is harder but, still not boring for the second time around. In WoW, you have to repeatedly kill the same bosses in an instance until the raid is geared enough to take on the bosses in a higher instance and so on. Since the instances reset about once a week, it can take months to get geared enough to take on the next instance.

If we have proven that we can defeat all the bosses in an instance, why do we have to wait about a week until we can down them again? I just think that's where WoW gets peeople's money.

Breakfast Topic: How to Farm Gold {WoW}

Nov 17th 2006 11:47AM Buying and reselling off the AH used to be a viable way to earn some cash but, not its not very effective due to the lack of demand for BOEs and other items. Epics that used to go for 500g are now going for 100g, at least that's how it seems on Crushridge.

I suspect that buying and reselling of goods will become viable again because there will be high demand for even greens as some are better than current endgame gear. Also if one is trying to save up now for the flying mount in the future, you would be wasting time. In the expansion it seems like at level 70, one can accumulate gold at a much faster rate. At level 70, it seems that you can do a couple quests to get 100g easy and in the same amount of time it takes to get 15g now from quests at level 60.

Gold will be worth less in the expansion than currently because 100g will be a lot easier to get at level 70 than at level 60.

Overrated responds to their permaban [Update] {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 1:59AM Well some people can't just say, "I'm gonna play another game even though I invested hundreds of days playing WoW." Since they can basically go through the trash without many problems, why would they want to waste their time clearing that just for the last boss? It's almost like they have to pay to gain access to the last boss.

This is almost the same as a rogue stealthing through SM to the last boss to farm shards except they had to use a hack to do it.

WoW has made raiding so that after a certain while, an instance doesn't provide an enjoyable experience because of the repetitiveness and predictability. The trash mobs in AQ had become too boring and worthless to kill that C'Thun was the only interesting mob left. And why would that certain boring experience out of few be a reason to quit?

It's like wishing you could skip all the trash mobs in UBRS after your 50th run so you can just fight drakk. For some, fighting the same mobs hundreds or thousands of times maybe enjoyable, but for many repetition = boring. The bosses are just more enjoyable than the trash because they are unique and are not killed by the hundreds like trash.