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Scattered Shots: 4.0.1 hunter gems, glyphs and stat weights {WoW}

Oct 18th 2010 3:47PM Amen to that. We were running Heroic LK last night, and the 35 (I believe) focus cost of Tranq shot for Horror enrages on top of being in charge of calling out Shadow Traps makes keeping SS up a minor priority. Tranq really ought to be an instant, seeing as every other utility shot is (unless I'm missing something, but both Concussive Shot and Silencing Shot are, and even Kill Shot is due to its limited use, I imagine).

I do agree that I like the concept of the changes they made. I suppose being that I'm primarily a single-player gamer and I've only been on WoW for a year, I'm unaccustomed to this kind of live testing process, and as a result I feel a bit cheated by how sloppy everything feels. If they get this all balanced out well, though, I think it will be very fun.

Scattered Shots: 4.0.1 hunter gems, glyphs and stat weights {WoW}

Oct 18th 2010 3:36PM I've been reading every bit of information I can, including your WHU posts as well as info from Elitist Jerks, Arena Junkies, several of the blogs Rilgon references, and virtually any other bit of information I can get my hands on, and between that and my own testing, I can't see how anyone is safely saying that mastery is better.

On a dry run with my gear set up from pre-patch (4 piece T10, all 264 with two 277 pieces and the 258 staff from LK) and gems refitted (Agi, crit, one hit), I could consistently reach 8.5k based on the accuracy of my rotation (using wolf pet for 5% crit), and occasionally hitting and sustaining about 9.1 to 9.3k. The gear setup I've got had me at around 21% haste and 63% crit. Dropping my crit down to 50% (which is about all I could manage via reforging) and pumping into mastery resulted in a consistent loss of between 500 and 800.

I reset everything to its original state and then reforged as much haste as possible into mastery, dropping myself to around 14%, and nearly the exact same loss occurred over multiple trials.

The only thing I actually found to increase my dps was a spot between the two where I'm still sitting around 17-18% haste, around 55% crit, and other stats forged into mastery. It's only in these inbetween states that I've actually seen my dps get as high as 10.5k with far more regular occurrences of 9.1-9.6k with a sustain of at least a minute and a half before I flub my focus somewhere or other (usually due to that new ability queue system).

Even still, it's barely a substantial enough gain with sufficient regularity to say that my particular stat weighting is what's causing it. I could just be having really solid runs through my rotation and not missing beats.

Also, I am accounting for trinket procs and such as well. I only pay attention to DBW procs of the Vrykul or the Taunka (since I assume the 600 agi from the Vrykul is now granting my 1200 AP as per the new rules, which makes it roughly equivalent to the Taunka with the exception of the crit boost. But let's face it, crit's so ridiculously high--especially with Careful Aim on a dummy--that it's not THAT relevant).

I'm genuinely curious to see what other people's conclusions are. As of now, I see a lot of comments in the vein of 'well, I do x and my dps is y, so x must be right' followed by 'well, I do x and my dps is z (and z is a variable that sucks, evidently), so you are wrong and I will flame you'. Unfortunately, none of these really help with anything, and the only analyses I seem to be able to find either say exactly what you've said, or exactly the opposite.

Either way, it's very odd to go from pulling 15.5k on 10 man H-Festergut to only being able to peak at 13k and normalize at 10 to 11. Hunters are too good looking for that nonsense.