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Know Your Lore: Cairne Bloodhoof {WoW}

Oct 26th 2010 6:26PM now dont get me wrong for what im about to say. practicaly all my characters are tauren, and Cairne was truly my favorite leader for his compassion and forethought. However, with his death, every single player known on WoW wants to see the people responsible for this's head roll. Where if Alliance and Horde to cooperate either hell froze over or there was some phat loot involved. Just think, Alliance and Horde working together to bring this travesty to justice? Although NPC wise the tensions may have increased, players might not go crazy anymore to ridicule the other faction. That, my friends, sounds like something Cairne might have wanted in this outcome.

The Shattering plot summary: Garrosh and Cairne {WoW}

Oct 20th 2010 6:45PM @Hahahaha

lets be clear. garrosh is best known for being known as a crazy jerkwad. Horde were a little put off with him in Northrend, but he was a military advisor that didnt go (terribly) crazy and bring the infrastructure down. Blizz gets alarmed that the new character theyre putting in is severely disliked for such things as: booting the trolls out of Orgrimmar, starting all out war against the Alliance, performed a power grab while Thrall was away twiddling his thumbs, and killing Cairne who is beloved by many a player. Book comes out and now all of a sudden these allegations were either mistake or "didnt happen" to soothe outright rage at the character, which noone buys. Second, just because you hate an NPC in the game does not mean that you are now a traitor. If anything wanting to kill Garrosh is the norm, and having a laugh who brought basically alot of bad changes into play getting slaughtered in a FICTIONAL GAME (where honor and duty to faction are mercurial at best) seems perfectly sane to me. Take solace in that he respawns if it truly irks you.