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Breakfast Topic: What's your most memorable moment of amazement? {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 10:56AM For me it's got to be Dun Morogh and lvling my dorf warrior there. I'm not sure why, but the feeling of solitude (usually played in late evenings), the sound of steps on the snow, the wind howling between the trees and mountains and finally this great ambience music featured in the starting areas - even at 70, and then 80 I often found myself coming back there.

As for the sheer moments, in BC it'd have to be the Illidan fight. Black Temple had a pretty epic feeling to it as a whole, but finally, after all the wiping nights, reaching the Illidan himself, the guy I saw in the intro (I started playing in BC) the first time I've ever run the game... I really felt it that night. And when I first heard him shout 'Is that all the fury you can muster?!' for the first time, being the only fury warrior in the raid... went into an adrenaline rampage of some kind ;)

Wrath was a really short story for me and can't say I liked this expansion, but if I'd have to choose - I'd go for the first Saurfang kill. Guilds were racing to finish the first wing asap, we were all in touch as to exactly what progress we've got on the particular boss. We all knew that this is a really tough fight, especially after the short time we've spent so far in the ICC. I remember I've done a lot to improve my character, lvled up new professions, digged through a lot of theorycrafting on fury warriors... I just had really big expectations and gave my everything in order to kill this boss. Sounds silly probably, but my hand really hurt after the kill, from all the clicking ;)