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BlizzCon 2010: Moonkin Hatchling mini-pet going on sale in November {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 3:21PM Why not just farm up the Champion Seals' for a Teldrassil Sproutling... it's pretty much a tamed druid. It does everything resto druids do. Sleep during boss fights and dance at random intervels. (Coming from a 6k gs Resto Druid so don't think I'm hatin' :P)

BlizzCon 2010: Moonkin Hatchling mini-pet going on sale in November {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 3:18PM If it's under $10 and it's adorable, I might end up buying it. I've always thought Blizzard would make more money if they would sell Lil' Deathwing as a little pet in the story. I'm honestly not paying $40 for a vanity pet, because that's the only useful thing I would get out of the Collector's Edition.

Lil' Deathwing is absolutely adorable pet, and I admit, I Squee'd when I saw the figurine in the BlizzCon10 Goodie Bag pics. He's so cute when he's tiny and not destroying the world!

Drama Mamas: Raiding while female {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 2:00PM @CK

That's why you need to learn to play with the boys. I can be just as dirty minded as any boy can. And if a raid leader says "Get inside the hitbox!" I'll be the first one to say "That's what she said." Getting offended is more likely to cause a scene then just going with the flow. What kind of guild wants to hold their personalities in check all the time because "that one person" gets offended all the time. I just play along and when someone asks me a perverted question I'll jokingly answer back. They know I'm kidding and not being a skank and respect me for it because they feel like I'm one of the guys when I join in on the banter instead of rolling my eyes and saying you're immature and going afk.

Just sayin'.

Drama Mamas: Raiding while female {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 1:43PM To put it frankly, I have no idea what the fuck that guilds problem is. I am a female raider. I have a healer and I have a tank. And I have never had a problem being a girl in a guild. People freak out in pugs sometimes when they find out the tank is girl because most of the time healers are the girls but I have never been told you can't do this because you're a girl. What does a vagina have ANYTHING to do with playing a video game...?

Most of the time in guilds, I tell people flat out right that I am a girl. I'm not going to hide my sex to people I spend most of my day with... A lot of people in guildes often find it really cool to have a girl around in my personal experience. You don't find girls in WoW a WHOLE lot and most of the time in raiding guilds you only have two or three at a time. I sit and talk on vent with my guildies for hours and honestly, I get more respect from them than some of the guys do. People tend to shut up and listen when I talk on vent because I know fight mechanics very well for nearly all dungeons and raids and if I'm speaking during raid times its because I'm explaining what a debuff does or telling the GM that healers need to stand here because it's more beneficial. I have had only one time someone say something about me being a girl.

It was my first time Palli tanking Heroic Lootship and I wasn't used to the kiting method and I jumped over to quick and ended up losing him and killing some people. A pugger said "and that is why you don't let girls run raids" (because I was a co-GM of a guild at the time and was raid leading a lot of it.) I bitched him the fuck out, gave his loot to other people, then kicked him from the raid after lootship was over.

Like I said, I would say you don't have to hide who you are. There is a difference between being a girl who raids with the guys and someone who can cause drama. I'm sure they've had experiences with girls in the guild who get in trouble with people and cause fights and automatically stereotype you for that. I would tell everyone straight up that you just wanna raid and that's what you're there for. I think they will respect you more for stating this from the beginning then hiding it, letting them think you're a dude then suddenly say "Hey, I have breasts, that a problem?" And if they have a problem with that, they aren't worth the time to raid with.

WoW Rookie: Finding your guild home for Cataclysm {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 1:27PM Finding a guild, to me personally is difficult on my server.

There are two types of raiding guildes on my server. There's the really casual ones where people don't bother to show up after we down the boss that had their loot, come in late and expect raid spots, or come in and are doing a hundred different things while you're raiding and end up causing wipes. Then there's the other type of guild, the extremely hard core one that if you miss one of out five raids you're removed, the GM is screaming at you the entire time, loot is based on DKP that is unreasonable, and no one can friends because you're always worried that you aren't gonna be better than someone else and you'll get replaced soon.

Guilds that I have been in aren't really all that... guildy. People in the game these days only care about themselves and the benefit they get from it. I was in a guild for several months, thought I was really good friends with the GM and most of the officers. We raided three days a week and were just barely getting LK. We had raided Tues and Wed cleared 11/12 with several Hardmodes and were going for LK on Monday, our next set raid day. I log in Thursday afternoon from work to find out that they had gone in on a day they had not specified for raiding, replaced me with a new recruit and got their first guild LK kill without me. The GM never even talked to me when I asked him about it. He said yes we went in and you will get yours next week. He returned three weeks later to say the guild was on leave until Cataclysm because the core group had gotten LK and that had been their goal for the expansion...

I've had several guilds be like that. It may just be my server but I know that I want to be a hardcore raider (because thats what I love) but I can't find a guild that raids hardcore without being assholes about it... After being guildless for a long time I finally joined a new one and hope it works out for Cataclysm (because I wanna raid immediately going into my first expansion).

Anyone else have problems with guilds being more about the GM and Officers then about the entirety and whats best for everyone... because that's all that I see these days.

Raid Rx: Tell your raid to stand in glowing circles {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 1:12PM I like the idea too... but here's the thing.I have all of my spells binded to Clique which I then incorperate onto grid. I have to raid frames, just mine, the thing I'm targeting, and the target's target. I don't need to see health bars on the side of my screen because everything is on Grid. Clique takes bindings directly from my spellbook so I'm not even sure it's possible to bind a macro using my system. If it is I'd love someone to teach me how to do it because you can't open the Macro screen while you have Clique up because that will close out your spellbook which is what the add-on is attached too.

If I wanted to manually make a macro that would mean I would have to download an entirely different add on, figure out how to use it, then make said macro and make it be seperate from all my other add-ons which gives me more add-ons, which means more lag, which means less heals, which means more people dying... ALL of that just because people can't teach themselves "Hey, DBM isn't screaming at me to move out of something, I don't see any debuffs or ticks of damage floating around my screen, and I seem to be getting healed, but this must be a UI error from the patch so I gotta GTFO!!!"

Yeah, no. Learn it... not that hard. I have every single role that the game offers, all geared ICC level... I think I can figure this one out on my own :P

Raid Rx: Tell your raid to stand in glowing circles {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 12:53PM I personally don't have a problem distinguishing between what to stand in and what not to stand in... I mean my main is a druid healer, so if there is running and healing that needs to be done in a fight I am doing it. There are tons of raids where you need to learn to run into a dome (Eye of Eternity) or a void zone you need to stand in (Iron Council and Algalon in Ulduar). If you have a difficult time trying to remember what you can and can't stand in in any particular fight in this game I would suggest uninstalling it now honestly because boss mechanics are only getting harder.