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BlizzCon 2010: WoW Insider interviews author Christie Golden {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 5:34PM never said anywhere I was angry, but basically it could have been written much better or portrayed much better by both Blizz and the author. So again its my opinion and now know never to purchase a novel concerning WOW lore for I will find it most likely mediocre at best.

BlizzCon 2010: WoW Insider interviews author Christie Golden {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 3:39PM There are spoilers in my comment so read at your own risk:
First and foremost the book should be renamed “The Shattering: The Convenient Truth!” The book overall was ok/mediocre and even with the lore already known it was still dare i say predictable you knew when not a main character was going to die and how the terrible almost padame/anakin-like Thrall lovefest was going to be. Like a person said before me the whole Anduin character in the book just didn’t seem to really fit well and for the most part it was kind of cheesy, i.e. nacho cheesy except it was Sam's club brand. It took quite an effort to push through his early parts in the book b/c it was so ridiculous and utterly boring. He supposedly had some deep attachment to another character after only knowing them for like 3 days, i.e the whole wwad and convenient Magni issue (which I wish would have been handled differently). Plus hes a dang re-gifter!! I could go on with my issues of his character in this book, but it could go on for awhile.
The way they killed off Magni seemed so strange bc I mean was there really nobody else to perform the ceremony. It just seems any wise leader who truly cared for his/her people would have had the intelligence to have someone more attuned to perform the ritual, but alas I’m sure they will say that is what dwarfs believe and act for the convenience of it, ya know put them, their people and the throne all at risk for a risky and unknown ritual bc that’s what “good (or dumb)” leaders do.
Lets see oh ya the hot for teacher bs with Thrall, I mean did he have his ipod with him and listened to Van Halen while learning b/c we all know you learn best when you start to have deep emotional feelings for someone. Its fine that blizzard did not want Jaina/Thrall love relationship, but since that’s the case then the story behind Thrall and his love interest needed to be developed a lot better and deeper. It was basically hey I’m Thrall I love you and Hey I’m so and so and I love you; there was just no real/true meaning behind the interest besides convenience. Thrall and Jaina had a much deeper connection and that helps lend credibility to them possibly having children or a love relationship. Hmm really the best critique for this is redlettermedia’s destruction of the star wars prequels with one part of that being developing a true/dynamic/love relationship. It’s just like Thrall likes this person just because…ok and moving on.. Terrible, just terrible on this part of the book, but since Thrall cares I guess we should.
I will say though she did an excellent job with the Tauren issue and Baine, only beef I really had was the wise,old Cairne going ape crap over the Ashenvale issue since it did not fit his character profile, but I guess he had to fight Grom for some reason, I guess convenience wins again. Well done for now and at work, but remember this is my opinion and that’s it so don’t reply with “well if you could do a better job then why don’t you write it” bs b/c I probably could not do a better job. However I can critique it and hopefully provide insight into what I felt was/is going wrong or how they went about it with the lore in the book and writing for the sake of convenience can be dangerous.