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Officers' Quarters: A RIFT in leadership {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 4:37PM I'm more concerned about whether I'm having fun for my hundreds of dollars in subscription fees than I am about being loyal to people I've never met. I really like my guildmates but can't imagine spending more hundreds of dollars and more hundreds of hours on WoW when I'd rather be doing something else, out of some sense of obligation.

I was getting burned out on WoW long before Rift came along. I didn't make a lifetime commitment to it, and 4 years of it has been about enough. Rift is fun, and I'm not making a lifetime commitment to it, either. As someone posted, I'm enjoying it for now, and it if crashes and burns, I got my money's worth in the meantime.

Some of these posts sound like doomsday prophecies, "You'd better stay in WoW in case Rift blows up". For someone who is tired of WoW, like the original poster, and having fun with Rift, like the original poster, why would they want to go back to something they're tired of? Is it not obvious that they would want to do something else in the evening they find fun? Another new game? A non-game hobby? Sex with their wife?

Officers' Quarters: A RIFT in leadership {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 3:50PM It's a game. Played for fun. This is too much angst over a game.

Someone has fun playing Rift, isn't having fun playing WoW, doesn't like the people in his WoW guild, and wonders what to do? Play Rift and have fun.

Drama Mamas: How many chances should misbehaving guild members get? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 11:32AM This isn't so much a WoW question, where the simple answer is to gkick. It's a life question from someone who'd probably benefit from learning the lingo of enabling and codependency.

Of course this person keeps misbehaving despite telling them there will be consequences. Why? Because you've demonstrated over the years that there are no consequences. They're still in the guild. The cycle will just repeat.

Breakfast Topic: Do you play other games besides WoW? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2011 2:08PM I find myself going back and forth between WoW and Rift. I'm leaning toward walking into the rift. WoW is where my friends are, WoW is what I know, but it's getting old after 4+ years, my guild is having a hard time with raid attendance, and the constant class changes are annoying enough to make me really enjoy making voluntary changes in what I play. I'd rather choose to switch to a chloromancer than have Blizzard choose to make my priest stop working right.

Breakfast Topic: Are Cataclysm gear ilevels too big a jump from Wrath? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2011 2:40PM It's a big jump, like Outland once was. As an altaholic, as a casual player with some semi-raid-geared toons and some in quest greens and blues, I found the Hyjal quests very do-able. It is a shock at any gear level that the mobs have more health, but the new gear comes very quickly and the zone is very easy.

I'd raise two more points. First, the increased difficulty of questing hit me much harder going to Twilight Highlands at 84 in dungeon and Uldum gear than going to Mt. Hyjal in quest gear. That's where the mobs started to actually take chunks of health out of my characters. Second, this is how I think WoW used to be, and how a game ought to work - mobs of your level ought to be able to kill you if you aren't paying attention.

Breakfast Topic: How has reading WoW Insider changed your game experience? {WoW}

Mar 1st 2011 1:09PM I started reading here a little bit over the past year, and a lot the past few months. I've found tips that helped me play my classes better. I think I originally came here to get a clue about playing a DK alt. The mage writer helped my mage alt progress farther than my priest main character in Cataclysm (not that the priest writer isn't helpful).

But how has WoW Insider changed the game for me overall? It actually has got me mostly out of the game. I clicked on a couple links here to Rift previews, and now find myself playing more Rift than WoW. Where's Rift Insider already? :)

Breakfast Topic: Do Cataclysm's explosive quests light your fire? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2011 3:18PM I do like playing classes that set things on fire. I do love that ball-of-gnome-killing fire quest, though I get little twinges at the gnome death-sounds, because my fire mage is a gnome. I like playing shaman for the nice blast-y fire sounds.

So, yes, I enjoy quests that go along with my pyromaniac side. But, perversely, my fire mage has become arcane in Cataclysm. Yes, the fire tree is a wonderfully-designed synergistic AoE pleasure, but they took away my right to AoE most of the time. Yes, the arcane tree is a boring game of mana management. But I do more dps with it.

The Queue: A discussion of kicking bad puggers {WoW}

Feb 24th 2011 1:37PM Bracers have often been difficult to find for several expansions. It's like some unwritten loot rule.

As for the sad tank, people don't mind you being assertive. They expect it. A PUG fears nothing much more than the tank leaving early on. Worse is if they drop group because you're slow - they not only have to wait in queue another half hour for a tank, they have to wait a good while to be allowed to queue again. Nearly everyone understands the "you pull it, you tank it" rule. Your healer will be grateful if you enforce it and may offer to help enforce it by not healing the dps who wants to pull.

While leveling an alt last night, I ran SM library with a paladin tank who I thought handled things well. He explained at the start that he hadn't tanked with this character before, and that things would be slow because he was a cautious tank. He said he was used to DK tanking, and that this felt different. I think that by explaining how the run would be up front, he pre-empted any criticism.

Spiritual Guidance: Understanding the recent priest changes {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 4:58PM I enjoyed playing disc in Wrath, and not because of shield spamming for the LK fight. The then-new talent tree was designed as logically as a 2011 fire mage. All of the important talents played off the bubble. They still do, mostly, but they don't want us to use the bubble, Penance, our signature spell, is so tiny now, and we share the lack of mana with all the other healers. The fun's gone out of it for me. I'll play holy again, as in TBC.

Or maybe I'll just go back to mage. Mages have mana. This whole "lets make the game more challenging by taking away your mana and making your two signature spells not do much" has limited appeal to me.

Officers' Quarters: Be careful what you promise {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 1:06PM The closed 10-man group was just not a good solution to people canceling at the last minute. We can all imagine a variety of better solutions to let others raid and to discourage people from signing up and canceling. There are never going to be exactly 10 or 20 or 25 people who want to raid. This is a casual "semi-raiding" guild, people will come and go, and some different system is needed to keep from losing members. I would be thinking about a single - larger - 10-man team for now, with an excess of dps sitting out, and maybe a 25-man later if people want one.

But the A team and B team will never sit well, especially with good players who've geared up a bit late and who shouldn't have to carry the B team.

I agree with those who suggest asking members to propose solutions. Then they have to take some responsibility. If they lack tanks and healers, maybe some of them need to roll (or respec as) tanks and healers.