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Breakfast Topic: How do you make time for working out? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2011 9:56PM The main thing I concentrate on is diet. I do something called slow-carbing, which is outlined here:

The main issue is making sure I get enough calories but once I got a good supply of lentils that wasn't too hard. Beyond that point I do a bit of rigorous exercise three times a week, not because I need to per se but because I enjoy the psychological benefits. I feel sluggish and dull-witted unless I push my limits once in a while.

If I don't have time for my usual routine I usually throw in a couple of 8-minute workouts throughout the week. Honestly it doesn't take a lot of physical activity to get results; it hinges more on quality than it does time invested.

So I stay in pretty good shape, very healthy and energetic, and my weight only goes up when I hardcore binge. My daily diet is a little plain but I'm a man-I like simple food that's quick and easy to prepare. The less time I have to spend on an elaborate setup the better. :p

Breakfast Topic: Do you struggle to keep up with the Wrynns? {WoW}

Oct 29th 2010 8:49AM Honestly, when I was leveling from 70 to 80 there were a lot of pieces from my 70 raiding/PVP set that were better itemized than the greens and blues I found. My gladiator swords (both had Mongoose) were superior to any weapons I found outside the first heroics I did, and my 70 offhand would have stuck around for a really long time if I hadn't made a point to purchase one on the AH.

That's not to say I went into heroics with pure Kara gear. What you're saying, Imnick, was true for half of what I had. In every other case the best I could find via questing was side-grades.

Keep in mind I started in March (I took a long break shortly after the launch of Wrath) so it's likely there are items I don't even know exist. Based on what I got, though, some 70s stay good well past 80. (Love my Romulo's Poison Vial.)

Encrypted Text: BlizzCon news for patient rogues {WoW}

Oct 27th 2010 9:42PM I loved the sword/dagger combo I had way back when I was leveling in BC. Maces never fit and axes aren't exactly sleek. A sword, however, works. I think it works very well, especially if you look at combat as a swashbuckler. Even two swords makes sense. However, I hate the dual axes I picked up in ICC, and I hate how my T10 looks like a gimped warrior set. I'm not a warrior. I may not play like a shadowy assassin but I'm still light on my feet and I use dirty tactics to win a fight. The aesthetic of my class should be significantly different than the other melee.

From a gameplay standpoint I support the use of maces and axes because they give us flexibility. What I don't like is when they're the only choice, or when they're not a choice at all. I wanted to replace my BC swords with another pair of swords but axes were the best weapons I could find for my mainhand and there isn't a suitable offhand sword in the entirety of ICC. I considered giving maces a try for the ArP bonus but it was impossible to pick up a set because there weren't any DPS maces that were fast enough for my OH.

So weapon agnosticism is a wonderful thing. It's a lot more freeing than the old system. Ideally it'll let me get upgrades faster than I did in Wrath but I hope there's a degree of choice. I never wanted to take axes but I did because that's what dropped. I had every intention of replacing them with swords ASAP... except there aren't any in the current tier of content. That was a major disappointment and it's part of the reason I would have given up the class if the changes in 4.0 hadn't reinvigorated my interest. (Finally something to press besides Sinister Strike! And Subtlety is viable? This really is the apocalypse!)