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Mists of Pandaria: Chris Metzen interview {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 6:31PM I'm actually starting to get a little pumped for this now. Metzens excitement is a little contagious.

Breakfast Topic: What's the best quest zone in the game? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2012 5:14PM I used to be the same, race as fast as I could to get the leveling done with. I decided for Cata that I would take my time and read all the quest information. I found I leveled faster because of it AND enjoyed the game a hell of a lot more.

Breakfast Topic: What's the best quest zone in the game? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2012 5:09PM Duskwood for me. Dragged my main through there a few days ago to get the questing achievement and the first time since Cata dropped. Much, much more streamlined, compact but still kept all the old quests albeit with minor differences. Stavlan and Stitches quests are still freaking cool. Just really dig the feel of the entire zone.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Fury demolishes entire cities in 4.0.1 {WoW}

Oct 29th 2010 6:29PM With a GS of 5950 Ive found that Arms dps for me is close to 1200 dps behind Fury. A few quick points though, neither spec has access to 4 set bonus which definitely warps current numbers. No Sudden Death for Arms is a massive dps loss as well as Fury not having Deep Wounds.