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Video: PhotoFast CR-7000 SDHC to CF adapter takes on 5D Mark II, lives to burst about it {Engadget}

Aug 21st 2009 11:36AM "Ultra-quick" 5D Mkii? Hardly. I own this camera, love it, pay the bills with it, but I wouldn't dare call it ultra-quick. 1d Mkiii, now THAT is ultra-quick. Hell, the step-down 50D is quicker in regards to burst speed.

FCC Comissioner: World of Warcraft causes college dropouts {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 3:47PM Um, I know you guys love to rant and rave and fight back against those who bad mouth video games... but that's not really what she's saying. The argument is that an ADDICTION to online games causes kids to drop out of college. I can easily name 2 people off the top of my head who dropped out of the CS program at my university because they played way too much WoW. They would not only stay up late, but they would intentionally skip class to grind exp or profession points. Do I think this is the largest part (or even a large part) of the reason why people drop out? No, but from personal experience, I can't deny that it happens.

Someone said it isn't the game that causes people to drop out, it's "life." Actually, it's when you can't restrain yourself in regards to a game and block out the parts of your life that matter... your grades, friends, family. Some people can't do this. All because you made it through college while playing doesn't mean everyone else has the same maturity level.

So stop flaming an article because someone pointed out a fact you don't like, and take a look around and see if anyone is at risk of this.

Face Visualizer project turns us all into meat puppets {Engadget}

Oct 28th 2008 1:31PM ...

You were hanging a clock at the time, and the shock caused you to slip off of the toilet, hitting your head on the sink, and causing you to come up with the flux capacitor... which makes time travel possible.

The Undead Plague ends today {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 1:53PM SPOILERS!

Alright, now that that's taken care of... A while back there was a video posted of the Horde and the Alliance taking the battle to the gate of the Lich King. When the Lich King showed himself, the Foresaken attacked, killing all save for the King himself. The Foresaken in charge of the attack was Putress. That is the betrayal that is coming, and what all of this is pointing towards.

Phase 4 of the Zombie invasion begins! [UPDATED x8] {WoW}

Oct 25th 2008 4:20PM Anyone had anything other than pants show up off of the rares?

WoW Moviewatch: Too much of a good thing {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 12:18PM More accurately titled, "How to Machinima."

Shepiwot would be proud.

Encrypted Text: Levels 21-40 {WoW}

Jan 31st 2008 10:40AM As other said earlier, I found this to be less of a guide that I was hoping it would be (where to level, which quests give great rogue gear, etc) and more of an advanced list of abilities as well as a build recommendation. There is a lot of merit to what was written, explanation of stunlocking and detailed descriptions of the purposes of our abilities is great and well done.

I do want to point out that you don't have to be a combat rogue to level quickly. With the recent XP/Quest changes, I've been amazed at how quickly I've progressed with little play time. I was a bit intimidated at first picking out my talents, but Imp. SS and Malice are great abilities to start with. Then I started cranking points into Master of Deception and from that point on, I put points where they best suited my play style. I've found I tend to like to play as a rogue and not a fury warrior, sneaking through quests is a blast! Also, there is no real need to choose between swords and daggers, just use macros. I have a stealth macro that equips me with daggers, then I use an ambush macro that pickpockets, attacks with ambush, and then equips a sword in my main hand. Best of both words and it's automatic.

Bottom line, have fun and find a play style that suites you.

IBM delays Lotus Notes for iPhone, users "too hip and cool" {Engadget}

Jan 23rd 2008 9:42AM We still, unfortunately, still use Lotus Notes at work. I would love to be able to get this email on my iPhone. I may be too cool for Notes, but apparently the company I work for isn't.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 1:43PM Long live the Alliance! (Man we suck at PvP)....

Arcane Brilliance: Get your PvP on {WoW}

Sep 30th 2007 12:59AM Personal experience says get +damage. You don't have to live as long if you can drop the others fast.