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LessLoss BlackBody: improve your sound for just $959 and your sense of reason {Engadget}

Nov 25th 2009 5:25PM Contrary to what some people here think, EMI is a problem with audio equipment. This product is of course a ripoff though. Most of the electromagnetic waves are reflected inside of the metal cases off of the metal case to the product, so this won't do much for stereo equipment. The claim about improving a sound card's quality is probably true if placed in the computer case, but people achieve the same effect by wrapping their sound card in special paper that blocks EMI for like $1.

Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones hands-on and impressions {Engadget}

Jul 17th 2009 6:53PM If you guys are going to start reviewing high end headphones, I would get a headphone amp to match them. Rule of thumb in the audio community seems to be to spend about as much on the amp and DAC as the headphones because those are just as important. Good headphones are going to sound like crap with a poor source. I don't know what price range that Denon SACD player was in so it could have been good enough. Even then though, since ultrasone makes headphone with electrostatic drivers, you need an amp that works well with those as they are much different than normal ones.

Video: Apple Nehalem-based Mac Pro unboxing and hands-on {Engadget}

Mar 16th 2009 3:44PM My main argument isn't for them to use copper, copper is just a perfectly viable way of making the heatsink smaller after making a proper, smaller one from aluminum. No other major company mass produces server-like desktops aimed at that high of a price group. Whether another company one does or not is irrelevant, it doesn't make the design of this one any better or worse. Take a look at any heatsink being sold thats worth its salt, they all have much thinner fins and they are much closer together. I don't see why people are still arguing this when that is the truth.

When I was talking about markups I was referring to apple charging ridiculous amounts for upgrades, which I doubt most buys are aware that they are getting ripped off when getting more ram or whatever. looking at apple's pricing for imac ram upgrades, apple prices a 2GB stick of DDR3 1066 ram at $200, on newegg those go for 20-40$ alone and even cheaper when packaged together.

Video: Apple Nehalem-based Mac Pro unboxing and hands-on {Engadget}

Mar 16th 2009 12:56PM Did I not just say that it was 3x the price of aluminum? I looked up the trading price when I typed that and it was $.5/lb for aluminum and $1.5/lb for copper

Video: Apple Nehalem-based Mac Pro unboxing and hands-on {Engadget}

Mar 15th 2009 4:59PM the heatsink doesn't have to be deep, even if it were air would still flow though it because a fan is right against it.

My copper argument is still valid, you never argued against it so why would i continue with it? iirc copper has twice the heat conductivity, although it is 3x the price, but I doubt mac buyers are concerned about a few more bucks when they're buying hardware with ridiculous markups.

My argument is that they could have made the case shorter because the heatsinks and fans are the only things make that bottom section so large. simply using copper and keeping the same fin density that could have halved the height of the heatsink. Any combination of using copper or using denser fins would have been better.

Video: Apple Nehalem-based Mac Pro unboxing and hands-on {Engadget}

Mar 15th 2009 3:57AM hmm I submitted my last comment but it didn't seem to post.

The Thermalright ultra 120 is less than half the size of the mugen and is better than it. The Thermalright has a high fin density and the fins are also thin. From pictures it seems the mugen has denser and thinner fins than the apple anyway. The apple heatsink is a waste of aluminum.

Video: Apple Nehalem-based Mac Pro unboxing and hands-on {Engadget}

Mar 14th 2009 7:48PM Those heatsinks are poorly designed, but I guess that's the cost of buying from a designer company that puts form over function. They could be 1/4 of the size and price if the fins were thinner and closer together. They could also be twice as heat conductive and 1/4 the size for the same price if they used copper fins, but god forbid the owner sees something not aluminum the one time they open the case.

Ultrasone intros audiophile-grade Edition 8 headphones {Engadget}

Feb 12th 2009 9:08PM dennon d-2000s use pleather, sound better than the 701s, and don't need to be amped like the 701s do. I'd look into those.

Engadget Giveaway: win a Cowon S9 PMP! {Engadget}

Jan 27th 2009 2:27AM I really need a DAP with flac support.