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Ol' Grumpy and the crushing disappointment of roles {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 8:15PM Reply based on a combination of the article and stuff I read in the comments...

[1] Specific roles encourage various players to combine and fulfill those roles to the best of their ability. Being able to focus on one role, perform it decently (or even awesomely) is a much greater asset than attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades (by necessity or by peer pressure) and failing miserably.

[2a] If I want to tank, I do so (currently) only on my Death Knight. I refuse to tank on my druid. I will NOT be forced into "tanking" on my mage. I utterly REFUSE to endure being forced or bullied into taking on any role other than the role appropriate to whatever spec I am playing. If I honestly want to heal, I'll get a resto/holy/disc spec on my druid/paladin/priest, toss on the appropriate gear and que/enter a dungeon or raid in that spec. If I don't enter in as that spec, I don't want to hear any crap over it. What spec I play, what effort I expend into gearing for whatever spec I have, and what I do with MY paid game time is MY CHOICE - and I have no want or will to serve anyone cheese with their "whine."

[2b] The WoW community has only themselves to blame for any shortage of tanks and/or healers, regardless of whatever level of content you're speaking about. Hearing everything from "just pull the whole room" to "I have to be at work in 20 minutes - hurry up" and "just heal through it" drives away people who might otherwise know how to tank or heal, or even be willing to TRY tanking or healing. If tanks could actually ask for CC and get COOPERATION instead of bitching .. if healers could buy THIRTY SECONDS to top off their mana before a boss pull without some impatient moron pulling anyway .. the entire game might not suffer ten, twenty, thirty minute or hour-long wait times in que seeking a tank or healer.

[3a] Gear choice is a myth. Every class has one stat they should be chasing above all others, with other stats taken into consideration based on if the person is a tank, a DPS or a healer. If you're a hunter wearing all spirit gear, you're doing it wrong. If you're a plate tank stacking agility AFTER the fact Blizzard removed the benefit of agility for plate tanks, you're doing it wrong. Mage? Seek INT gear. Ret pally? Go for that STR gear. Disc priest? If you fail to roll need on that INT/Spirit gear, you'd better be wearing something BETTER than that - or risk hearing me laugh at you.

[3b] The early stages of the game do little to prepare people for getting into the proper mindset for seeking the right stats. Freshly created characters starting off wearing cloth when the character may be capable of wearing leather (druids) or mail (hunter/shaman) is just WRONG. Put people in appropriate gear from the get-go (both in terms of armor type and stats added by wearing them) and Blizzard would go a lot further towards having players with a clue about what they're doing. Hand-holding? Yes it is - but I'd rather hand-hold and give people a proper bit of knowledge that will make them more informed (and hopefully better) players, rather than giving them the freedom of choice to stack the wrong stat/steal gear from other players at lower levels.

[3c] Speaking of gear-theft, the need before greed system needs a major overhaul in lower levels. Mages, priests and warlocks can ONLY wear cloth for the duration of their existence - they shouldn't have to suffer others need-rolling on cloth items simply to gimp-up their healing gear when those other players could invest some effort into seeking leather (druid) or mail (shaman and paladin pre level 40) with the same stats and better armor ratings. Wowhead much?

I could go on, but I'll let this ride as-is for now.

Lichborne: 3 predictions for death knights in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Jan 24th 2012 10:53PM Block either needs to go bye-bye, or DKs need to be able to both use shields AND have their mastery benefit from blocking damage rather than taking a beating in hopes of healing one's self. This would take some of the pressure off worrying over DK self-healing in PVP, and it'd make more sense than currently stacking/reforging mastery while watching paladins and warriors just avoidance-stacking everything. (No hate here, just stating the comparison is there...)

As for the entire "pet management" yammering... The only issue I have with the ghoul is tied directly to runic power and the bloody cost of Raise Ally. If Raise Ally (the recently introduced DK battle res) didn't cost FIFTY runic power (half of a normal runic power pool, and just under for those putting points into Runic Power Mastery), it wouldn't be quite as bad an issue. Yet, we're forced to either (a) pump up our ghoul to get the transformation/subsequent damage boost and forgo having it available to battle res, or (b) horde runic power in the event the tank or healer goes down in order to have the battle res (Raise Ally) handy as quickly as possible and thus gimp ourselves of potential damage from the ghoul. I love pet classes, and the management's never been much of an issue to me beyond what I just stated - it's just that the above issue SORELY needs to be fixed in the near future/before MoP launches.

Fix BOTH of those issues and DKs will be much better off.

Breakfast Topic: What would be your victory music? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 8:19AM

Disturbed performing Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance music.. great for a victory, or for listening to in preparation to fight in the first place.

20 observations from a leveling tank {WoW}

Jan 5th 2012 7:32AM Quote: "20. Heirlooms are great if all you want is to get an alt to 85 as quickly as possible, but one of the nice things about playing without them is being able to look forward to what drops. "
I vastly prefer NOT having to fight for every single piece of gear that drops in the lower level dungeons. Prior to the BoA items, I lost untold rolls on items that would have been sheer upgrades due to multiple factors, including but not limited to a very old example of a paladin needing on a stave that would have clearly been an upgrade for both my warlock AND my wife's warlock.. only to see the guy disenchant it right in front of us as an act of spite. i can still get the thrill of winning some pieces of gear, but the main bits (chest, weapons, cloaks and head pieces) I don't have to sweat over.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code from {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 5:45PM The purrfect companion to go with the purrfect mount. Yes, I'd like this very much ;)

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Saltwater Snapjaw loot code from {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 7:23AM Turtles all the way down! Turtle Power! ;)

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Big Battle Bear from {WoW}

Dec 31st 2011 5:45AM Save a horse, ride a bear. ;)

The OverAchiever: Guide to Pilgrim's Bounty 2011, part 2 {WoW}

Nov 18th 2011 2:54AM If you set up a "rendezvous" point at which you can park a level 1 (whatever)-rogue alt you make, and then ALT+F4/login the toon you NEED to do the shooting with, you CAN shoot yourself (figuratively) and get the count for the achievement. (OK, you could up through last year anyway, and to my knowledge, it can still be done this way.) It's also worth noting that people will, if nothing else, offer their alts for Turkey Lurkey (especially as the holiday draws closer to ending) in exchange for a nominal fee, if they aren't going to do the charitable "no-charge" thing. (Some may, but a lot won't.)

The issue with the turkey spawn rates, as I observed the last two years running, was that Tirisfal Glades had a significantly lower populaion (and seemingly longer respawn time) on turkeys than Elwynn Forest. The end result, as I've witnessed both years, was that Alliance players (especially druids, due to being able to spam moonfire/tag mobs on an instant-cast) came to Tirisfal "doing their achievement" and (in some cases) proceeded to grief Horde players by deliberately continuing to camp the turkeys/killing those in a Horde player's path to negate their ability to get the Turkinator fairly achieved. It's not an issue of druids specifically, but the instant-cast/tag the Turkey/camp the respawns deal.

Arcane Brilliance: Beginner's guide to being a mage {WoW}

Jul 10th 2011 1:47AM You miss the most FUN aspect of the entire mage (or ranged) experience: watching something struggle to get close to you, slowing it down or dotting it and blinking about, with it falling dead at your feet, never having touched you. I know you can do it as arcane, and even more easily in frost (thanks in large part to the water elemental's Freeze ability), but Fire's not a spec i have ever toyed with, never been inspired to try really. I levelled my mage arcane, and still like it; I dual-spec'd to PVP in frost, and love it too now that I am much more familiar with it. Either way you cannot go wrong - just make sure to conjure up plenty of snacks, keep reagents for your ports/teleports, and invis for when all else fails you. ;)

All the World's a Stage: Plot points for Forsaken roleplayers {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2011 8:45PM Sylvanas was utterly abandoned by her sisters and her kin once the Lick King drew her soul out of her body and made her into the Banshee Queen that she is today. Her only solace has been her people, and their place in the Horde, which they've had to fight for inclusion rather than exclusion. If using the Lich King's former allies [Val'kyr] to do her bidding helps create more of her race, and grants them the ability to become more self-sufficient, then she's only acting on her instinct to preserve what she cherishes. The fact she supports the use of the plague is a fallback to (a) the anger the Forsaken feel in general towards the living beings (as the living resent the undead for having "died" and yet continuing to "live", thus defeating the one force that all living beings must eventually face and fall to the power of - Death) and (b) the abandonment she received after being siphoned into Frostmourne.