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Raid Rx: How to prioritize combat resurrections {WoW}

May 21st 2011 6:45PM The biggest problem with Raise Ally [the DK battle res] is the Runic Power cost associated with it. 50 Runic Power may not seem like much, but it's a royal pain in the arse to gather if you've not been pooling it deliberately (and thus undermining the RP-dump portion of the DK DPS rotation). If the glyph for Raise Ally lowered (or better yet ELIMINATED) the Runic Power cost for the ability, it'd be much more worthwhile.

The Queue: Dog and pony show {WoW}

Nov 6th 2010 7:25PM The commendations were removed from the WG vendor, due in part to 2 reasons. The first of which was the change of the currency system, and more to the point, the conversion of Stone Keeper's Shards (previously used to buy said commendations) into straight Honor Points. The second reason is even more straightforward: the old commendation badges, giving 2K honor, would have allowed ONE badge (BoA) to be mailed to an alt and used to purchase an honor mount (as they now all cost 2K honor). obviously, with the removal of the Stone Keeper's Shards (changed to Honor) and the fact the old badges would have been a "buy 1, get 1 honor mount"-type of deal, Blizzard put the nix on that.

Luckily, I anticipated this and was able to scrounge up enough Stone Keeper's Shards to buy the badges and purchase Frostwolf Howler mounts for several of my lower-level alts before the conversions/badge removal. (I bet Blizzard also saw people like myself with level 40 toons sporting Frostwolf Howler mounts and thought to nip it in the bud. Then again, that's more speculation on my part.)