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What's in a name? {WoW}

May 11th 2007 6:03PM I have a standard list of names that I have accumulated over the years from different MMO's. The names have come from random generators, bad puns, inside jokes, and 15-year-old D&D characters (the origin of whose names I _really_ don't remember). But they've stuck with me.

Allaryin - My first attempt at a main character on any game. Typically a healer or summoner type. Ideally a green-haired dwarven male or the game's equivalent.

Kyaneos - Generally my first alt once I get annoyed that Al's useless at soloing ;) Typically a female melee dps type. Ideally with red hair.

Adryn - Usually my first caster type. Also usually female with dark hair. Frequently evil.

Arbor - Big and violent. Likes to pick flowers. This time around is a Tauren warrior/herbalist.

Stabbums - Belf rogue. To go with group of similarly silly-named guild members who all rolled at the same time.

Kikichikki - Puny support type. Was originally an FFXI taru WHM, name provided by the random name generator. No WoW equivalent.

Llammedos - Druid. A Terry Pratchett reference, the place where druids come from.

Omnia - Priest. Another Pratchett reference, an overly zealous religious empire.

Chokuretsu - Japanese transliteration of 'chocolate'. Adorable little gnomish warlock.

Zuraljinoo - Troll shaman. Clicked the random button until I got something I could scream at people in melee as a sort of half-drunken warcry.

Tetris - Name comes from when I played super heroes as a little kid. I was Tetris, I could materialize things out of blocks. CoH main, an illusion/kinetics controller.

Columns - Direct response to Tetris, my CoV main.


Ask WoW Insider: What's up with bar AddOns? {WoW}

May 11th 2007 5:29PM With respect to the "wah, wah, l3rn to push buttons, noob" sentiments...

How exactly would learning to play with only my left hand would make me a better player? Would playing with my left foot be even better than that?

Personally, I have two hands, and I appreciate it. One to push buttons, and one to click buttons. You can use _both_ at the same time ;) They're not mutually exclusive, you know.

Of course, I understand that rogues have all of 3 or 4 things to do during combat... but some classes can actually be substantially more effective if they use both hands to get things done.

A good bar mod (like Bongos or some of the others) means that you can remove clutter from your interface and put buttons in an arrangement that actually makes it possible to get things done with a single mouse click that would otherwise take the vulcan death grip to accomplish on a keyboard configuration where everything's bound to Ctrl+Shift+W+K+F3 or whatever.

And of course, should you choose to go that path, any good bar mod makes it easier to bind keyboard shortcuts to commands than with the stock UI alone.

Lord British likes WoW {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 8:09PM There are numerous studies that back up LB's statements here (not that they were made at his request or anything - but he reads the research as much as anyone in the industry).

People form a very strong attachment to their absolute first MMO - whether that be a MUD or FFXI or WoW.

They are more likely to stick around with their first MMO than with future games. Once you hop, you're very unlikely to have nearly as much tolerance for the future games. Especially if they do something "wrong" when compared to how your initial experiences trained you to expect.

As far as people who don't stick around their first MMO for more than a year or two? Two things.

First, MUDs aside, it's not that old of a genre. I mean, at the absolute most, you could have stuck it out with something like UO for about 10 years now.

Unfortunately, graphical MMO's don't age very gracefully, either. And unless the developers produce new content faster than players consume it, people will eventually become bored and examine the newer kid on the block. And once they hop the first time, it's all over.

The WoW Diet: 41 lbs in 90 days {Joystiq}

Nov 8th 2006 6:10PM Wardriving/biking/walking/etc... is the act of hunting for and mapping out free wifi hotspots.

Hence Dignan17's comment :)