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The Queue: Beta questions make good Queue questions {WoW}

Mar 24th 2012 8:00PM Learning that when you create a Pandaren they might have access to longer red panda tails rather than the stubby bear tail made me wonder; how exactly does that work? Is it a color option exclusive to those with red panda coloration, or something like a Features option (like the state of an Undead's face or the ears of a Worgen), or linked to something totally different? Personally I'm hoping to be able to make an all-black Pandaren with a long tail, but that's obviously not gonna be possible if this is something linked to fur color like I suspect...

The Queue: Lovers in a dangerous Daylight Saving Time {WoW}

Nov 6th 2011 8:32PM @rovingbandit21: How do you mean? I'm not suggesting making characters able to cross-spec; in fact, from what I can tell, Blizzard's removing that completely with the new class-wide talent system. I just think it'd be nice to branch some classes out into other potential roles (as with making a ranged Rogue or a healer Warlock), or make them able to perform their original roles in new ways (as with my Wind/Lightning Mage or Holy DPS Priest ideas). it does seem to me that some classes might eventually feel left out when there's four specs for Druids and only three for the other ten classes.

I do see your point to a degree though. People play Warlocks not because they want to heal, but because they want to make their enemies suffer. People don't play Rogues to fling knives like darts, but to stab their enemies in the back, nor do they play Mages with the hopes of becoming a Balance Druid. That's why I'd really only support the addition of a fourth spec if it matched a class's flavor while still adding in an innovative style of play. That's why it's so hard to speculate on certain classes, since there's very little new we could give them to do without them encroaching on other classes' territory, or possibly having to make a new type of gear to compensate and recreating the current situation we have with spell plate on a whole new selection of gear.

The Queue: Lovers in a dangerous Daylight Saving Time {WoW}

Nov 6th 2011 6:12PM Personally, I'd imagine that they'd remove the equips from the game and replace them with some sort of debuff that's only active during the quest and fades once the quest is finished or if it's canceled. Said debuff could also make it where the player can't use abilities outside of those specified for the quest, so running out of the quest area with the debuff on would probably lead to one's demise for questing at one's level or serve as an interesting distraction when a player tries it for quests they outlevel (like if they're going for Loremaster or something).

Fishing, I think, would likely change to just requiring a fishing pole in your inventory rather than having it equipped as a weapon. If there's more than one fishing pole in your bags it'll just use the first one when you activate the Fishing ability.

The Queue: Lovers in a dangerous Daylight Saving Time {WoW}

Nov 6th 2011 6:00PM Tirrimas's question brings up an interesting point, I think. We already have confirmation that Druids are getting a fourth spec, splitting their Feral spec between melee DPS and tanking. And with the changes they plan for the talent system, it'd be much easier to create a new spec for just about any class than with the current state of talent trees, I'd imagine. This has me wondering how likely Blizzard is to add in a fourth spec for other classes that may end up with spec envy due to Druids having more specs than them? It already has me speculating on possibilities for other classes. For example, maybe a healing Warlock spec that focuses strongly on the DPS-to-Heal model set up by the Priests' Atonement, where they essentially drain enemies' health to not only recover their own life, but sustain their allies as well? Or possibly a Hunter tank that uses abilities similar to the Shaman's weapon enchantments, except targeting their pets with them instead, and having to exert more control over the pet's actions to guarantee effective tanking? Maybe even a Priest who does strictly Holy DPS, or a branch of Mage that focuses on elements they haven't yet explored in the form of Nature DPS? I even speculated on a ranged Rogue using thrown weapons (until someone mentioned that Thrown are gonna become vendor trash just like Relics, though I could still see possibility if they added in, say, the ability to use daggers in the same way one would use Thrown weapons now by giving a ranged DPS Rogue an Auto-Throw attack to replace his Auto-Attack when they choose the spec?)

See what I mean? While I'm sure those ideas would be hell to balance in the game as well as making sure they still feel like the original classes at their core (like, for example, making sure Nature Mages don't feel like Elemental Shaman, or that Ranged Rogues don't feel like Hunters), they ARE possibilities, and could possibly be put in easier thanks to the way talents are going to work since you no longer have to figure out how one spec's talents will play off another's. Maybe not this expac, but possibly in the next?

Spiritual Guidance: A first look at healing priest talents in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 31st 2011 7:01PM I'm not gonna pretend to be all that good a Priest. I haven't even max-leveled a Priest like ever. However, I will say that when it first became an option, I was absolutely IN LOVE with Smite healing, and in the handful of dungeons I played using it, it was incredibly effective (to the point that people thought that i was just DPSing because I was bored, seemingly unaware of those little green numbers popping up over the tank's head being a side-effect of Atonement). And from the looks of these talents and a few talents from other classes, it seems like Blizzard is actively trying to gear some specs toward the DPS-to-heal model.

For example, let's take a look at Vampiric Dominance in conjunction with Divine Star. Now, assuming you position yourself so that the ONLY targets will be the tank and whatever s/he's smacking around, that's a minimum of three heals on the tank (two from DS and one from VD). That'll also make for two heals per Smite (VD and Atonement). Again, this is ONLY if you consider just the tank and the boss s/he's tanking. Should any adds or other party members be in the path of DS, that'll mean at least one more heal for each, two if they don't move.

As far as the rest of the talents, I'm actually a big fan of Void Tendrils in the CC tier, although I do wonder how susceptible to damage the tendrils are. Do NPCs actively target them? Can they take AoE damage? Can they be hurt by your allies? On the movement tier, each one seems to have a specific role: Body and Soul seems most useful for party/raid healers, Path of the Devout for soloing and for Shadow priests, and Phantasm for PVP. On the self-preservation tier, seems like Disc would more likely go with Angelic Bulwark while Holy or Shadow would go for one of the Prayers. And while Power Infusion is always awesome, I think I'd rather go with Twist of Fate on the DPS tier as an Atonement-healer, especially if Atonement gets reworked to deliver its bonus healing off of more than just Smite (Imagine if it could work with Divine Star 8D). I would imagine PI being more attractive to Holy and Shadow, honestly, though Serendipity looks nice for any spec.

Okay, I'll shut up now. :P

The Queue: Happy Halloween -- have an utterly terrifying video {WoW}

Oct 31st 2011 6:33PM Not entirely sure if this has been answered before or not, so if it has been, my bad. 8B

Anyway, with ranged slots going away, what's going to be happening to Thrown weapons? Will they become Hunter-only like the other ranged weapons? Will certain other classes retain them while others lose access to them? Or will they, like Relics, be turned into grey vendor trash?

Personally, it'll be interesting if they remain usable by certain classes. With Druids gaining a fourth spec, it seems entirely possible that other classes could gain a fourth spec (and with talent trees going away it seems much easier to add in new specs since you no longer have to worry how the other specs' talents would interact with them). Could you imagine a Rogue or Warrior built to specialize in Thrown weapons? While a Thrown-weapon Warrior seems highly unlikely to me, I could really enjoy a Rogue with some Thrown weapons. Although, to be honest, it might well be difficult to balance a character equipped with a Thrown weapon. Perhaps make them 2H so that it won't be beneficial to use them over more traditional options for specs not designed to use them?

Breakfast Topic: What class would you bring to WoW? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 3:04PM Honestly the class I wanted most was Monk, but that one's already taken care of it seems. :P

Bard has been mentioned a few times, and I'd honestly love to support a class like that (pun not intended). Can't imagine it being much of a tanking class, but more likely something with two DPS specs and one Healing spec. Most baseline Bard spells wouldn't cost mana, but would be channeled AoE effects, essentially making the Bard a mobile Shaman totem. One of the DPS specs would be traditional caster, the other might be akin to a modified Smite-healing Disc Priest, in that they wouldn't be providing the best DPS or HPS, but would be useful in that they provide both at once.

WoW Moviewatch: I Kissed An Orc {WoW}

Mar 30th 2011 2:19PM For some reason I was thinking this was gonna be based on Jill Sobule's song, not Katy Perry's. :P

Breakfast Topic: What pop figures deserve an Easter egg in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 12th 2011 12:35PM How about a quest line based on Saw? It could include tank training in that you'd have to draw aggro from some invincible mobs to allow a victim time to do what he needs to do, or maybe use some item to triage another victim for a span of time as s/he's constantly getting Bleed DoTs placed on him/her from the machine s/he's bound to. Perhaps kill off a collection of victim NPCs and collect keys from their corpses to unbind a prisoner in a set amount of time? Perhaps failing a task wouldn't count as failing the individual quest, but instead you'd get a debuff like a bleed DoT or a disarm effect that only fades once you've completed the entire quest line or canceled it out (which would reset the whole line rather than your individual task)? Might also work well as a concept for an instance...

Breakfast Topic: Do you actually enjoy PUGs? {WoW}

Jan 30th 2011 3:22PM To be honest, I'd love to run PUGs while leveling, if not for three things:

1.) Every PUG I've ever been in has had at least one GO GO GO person.
2.) Running even a single dungeon - especially with a Worgen or Goblin - will cause me to outlevel my current zone by 2-3 levels throughout most of the leveling experience, and who wants to just bulldoze through a zone like that?
3.) DPS waits for PUGs are HORRIBLE. Tanks and healers can get in usually in a manner of a few minutes, but DPS end up waiting upwards of half an hour? Ugh.

That being said, when I was working on a Disc priest a few months ago, he went through a lot of PUGs, and it was a surprisingly nice experience. I've had exactly two bad experiences with tanks; one decided to pull the whole room while DPS was peeling mobs off of her, and when I couldn't keep up, she just went "L2Heal" and kicked me. Second was a tank who apparently thought I was badass enough to heal through him pulling the slimes in Maraudon and trying to melee them all (didn't get kicked from there for that, but ended up leaving when I couldn't find my way back into the instance. >_>). I also ended up with a GOGOGO group on a Warlock who used some path I'd never gone through in BFD, resulting in me stuck in the turtle boss's area for ten minutes, asking them to wait for me or come back for me about ten times, while they charged ahead and took out two bosses before the tank asked why DPS on the boss seemed so low.

IMO, though, dungeons need to be incorporated into the leveling experience somehow without having to sacrifice actual questing. On one hand, questing is important for collecting gear needed to actually go through dungeons (not to mention for fans of the game's lore), but on the other, questing involves a totally different play style compared to dungeon crawling, since it focuses exclusively on self-preservation, where you actually have to be concerned for other players in dungeons.