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Totem Talk: Make the most of enhancement's utility {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 2:05AM Yep. Endless Winter is two tiers down on the DK Frost tree, so technically any spec could get it. Don't see it being grabbed by Blood though unless they're cool skipping Morbidity, but I can easily see Unholy picking it up if they don't mind skipping Butchery. Blood can reduce Strangulate's cooldown to one minute through Hand of Doom, and Strangulate can Silence the target for 5 seconds, but since you can't get rid of the cost in any way, it really seems like more of a PvP thing to me, or at least something only used in emergencies. I dunno, I haven't used it very often myself.

Wait, why am I discussing DK interrupts in a Shammy column? >_>

Totem Talk: Make the most of enhancement's utility {WoW}

Jan 8th 2011 6:32PM Just felt like being a bit of an asshat and mentioning that the DK's Mind Freeze, if talented, [i]doesn't[/i] use up any resources. I agree that WS is superior when it comes from an Enhancement Shammy, given it has half the cooldown period of MF, but it falls behind when coming from the other Shammy specs since not only do they have to really fret over mana usage, but they might end up having to interrupt a spell to cast it.

And DK's have Strangulate too, but that ability sucks for PvE anyway. >_>

Alright, moving along.

The Queue: Lefse {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 1:26PM My way of looking at the resurrection issue is that the spells we use capture the soul before it leaves the body, when it wasn't meant to have left in the first place, and return it to the lifeless corpse (or generates a new body, leaving the old corpse to rot into a skeleton, but to be honest it'd be kinda creepy for me to be revived and look to see another dead me a few yards away). In the case of canon death, the soul of the being killed is either claimed by some outside force that prevents it from resurrecting, is unable to receive a replacement body, and/or simply chooses to remain in the spirit realm for whatever reason. This is why we couldn't use a Phoenix Down on Aerith; she [i]chose[/i] to remain dead so that she could join the Lifestream, enabling her to use Holy when the time called for it. Likewise, I'm sure all manner of Priests, Shammies, Druids, and Pallies (and likely a few people with some Goblin Jumper Cables as well) came to attempt to rez Cairne, but for whatever reason, his spirit chose not to or was unable to return to its body and a new one couldn't be formed from magic.

TL;DR - It's a plot device.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 10: BlizzCon 2010 authenticators {WoW}

Dec 31st 2010 7:38PM I'll give it a shot. Been needing one of these for a while anyway.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 6: Razer Nostromo gaming keypad {WoW}

Dec 27th 2010 2:41PM Sure, let's give it a shot.

15 Minutes of Fame: In search of fascinating players {WoW}

Dec 1st 2010 11:22AM I'm fairly sure I'm not the first to do this, and even if I was, it'd be nearly impossible to tell, especially once Burning Crusade content is open to me, but even so, please allow me to tell the harrowing tale of Eyebrows of Eitrigg.

You see, my little fledgling blood elf huntress had just hit her tenth level, and was enjoying her newfound ability to tame the beasts of Azeroth. She tamed a lynx. She ventured to the lands of the undead to capture a bloodhound and a zombified bear, and even traveled to far-off Durotar for a crocolisk. But she wanted more. She turned her glowing green eyes to my screen and pleaded to me, "Creator, please, guide me to a moth!"

"Sweetie, there are many moths in Outland, you can wait until-"

But the naive blonde, who had heard tales of the fluttering insects in the lands the draenei had claimed as their home, stomped her tiny foot in protest. "But I want it NOW!" In retrospect, I should have named her Veruca Salt. In the end, I buckled, remembering how I long ago guided a troll on the same quest and had procured a moth for him in the span of an hour and a half. Problem was, this was not the same world. This was now a world made in Deathwing's image.

Fool that I was, I initially guided her on the same path as the one before her, surveying the new landscape of Ashenvale and marveling at the destruction of Darkshore. She witnessed the corpse of the Old God of Master's Glaive, and even discovered a mysterious figure sitting in the center of the vortex. And while both sights were shocks to both of us, they weren't our goal. We sought passage to Azuremyst isle.

But lo! Auberdine was now crumbled to the shore, its ruins infested with elementals, and the new village to the north had no harbor to speak of! And while she was a strong swimmer, Eyebrows was a slow one; if she so chose to brave the depths of the ocean and paddle her way toward Teldrassil where the new port to Exodar lie, she would surely die of exhaustion halfway there. We had but one option.


And so we began the long jog south from Lordaeron, meeting a lonely rotting bear who shared our desire to reach the shores of Bloodmyst, though his reasoning was entirely different, and he and Eyebrows had little love for one another. And yet they still bonded, if only briefly, and he bravely defended her from marauding worgen and raptors as she ran through Silverpine, through Hillsbrad, through Arathi, and well into the Wetlands.

I wouldn't let my previous foolishness repeat itself. I knew that if I continued along the footpath, I'd end up in Dun Morough, where my tiny little hunter would have no means of getting to Stormwind. But as I pondered our next course, the sky turned dark, blood fell from the clouds, and Eyebrows only had time to gaze skyward and see a flash of deteriorating black dragon scales and thick iron armor before she - and everything else in the Wetlands - was burnt to a crisp by the very beast who'd made this journey for a moth so much harder for her: Deathwing.

This wasn't her first corpse run, but it was the most meaningful. Surveying the surroundings that had been set ablaze made me think that perhaps the monstrous dragon was trying to ward me away from my moth. Or perhaps he was testing Eyebrows, and this blaze was to be the purifying fire that would deem her worthy to tame such a beast. I suggested that Deathwing had just eaten too much chili and figured nobody would care that he farted over Wetlands if it killed everything in his path anyway, but Eyebrows was too stubborn to believe that. Whatever the case, it made her trek toward Menethil Bay easier. Most of the sharks had died in the boiling waters.

Most, but not all, and as she swam, she found those near the south had proven resilient, and were hungry. She ran, died to their vicious attacks, ran toward her mangled corpse, and managed to swim a few more feet before succumbing again. And again. And again. But though her flesh was weak, her resolve was tempered harder than dwarven steel. Her mule-like stubbornness was a boon, and pushed her to suffer repeated maulings on her way to the shore, only to suffer further assault by the local Bluegill Murlocs. But even they couldn't stop her from her mission for a moth.

Once out of the Bluegill territories, she found herself swimming along the shoreline, her only company being the rotting bear and the few straggling sharks, and soon enough, even the dangerous fish stopped appearing along the coast. For the longest time, she swam alone, circling around the massive mountainous region of Dun Morough. She did manage to find a lonely, decrepit hut in a tiny pocket of the shoreline, but lacking a way to get to it, resolved to visit it later. Perhaps it could even be "her" spot, where she could gather all of her friends later and tell her harrowing tale, her moth sitting in her lap contentedly eating moldy bits of bread. But right now, that moth was but a dream, a fantasy, a lure on the ground that was pulled away the closer she got, but a lure she dutifully followed, knowing that the arm pulling it from her would eventually tire.

From this point, the tale relates her in two positions; the location of her spirit, and the location of her corpse. She eventually made it to Stormwind Harbor, sank beneath the water, and allowed herself to drown that she might reclaim a new body from the gods on the top of its mast. The Night Elves guarding the ship had other ideas, and twice shot her down, leaving her body to rot on the ship's hull like a twisted maidenhead. But as she prepared to run to the ship a second time, a miracle occured; as the boat entered Teldrassil's waters, he body and ghost were somehow reunited by the powers that be, and she gained passage to that faraway land. The moth was within her grasp. The one pulling her lure was tiring faster than she was, and she could now get her fingers within inches of it before it was slowly dragged from her.

As the boat pulled into harbor, the locals, predicatably, shot her down once more and dumped her into the water. And where did her spirit find itself when released from her newest corpse? Darkshore. Hated Darkshore. But where she previously would have had to swim to Teldrassil, she now would be able to run across the waters. Her first attempt ended in the strange discovery that even ghosts can die of exhaustion, but the coast was within reach, and now that her corpse was slowly floating nearer and nearer to it, her resolve was stronger than ever, and after another few tries, she finally managed to reach the harbor without her spirit losing its energy. It would be one more corpse run as she'd need to drown herself by the Exodar ship, but now that she knew she could, it was now within her power to grab that lure that was being dragged along her feet. All she needed was to bend down and pluck it up.

She rezzed in the crow's nest of the ship to Exodar, and with the ship's crew lacking bows and guns and with the hunter too far for its magic-users to see, she was safe all the way to Bloodmyst Isle. She encountered a dwarven shaman on the way north he gazed at her, perhaps in disbelief, perhaps in confusion. After all, a non-hostile blood elf is a rare sight in that region. I'd like to think she knew what was going on, and was informing the nearby allies that there was another stinking Hordie trying to get a moth, but she couldn't have known the ordeals Eyebrows had gone through to this end. She called upon the bear, where his mission was made clear: to avenge his own death by killing the brown bears in the clan that had betrayed them. They parted ways, and as a young draenei priest looked on in the same way the dwarven shaman had earlier, she tamed her long-sought prize, and only took a moment to ponder capturing a ravager as well before deciding she was satisfied and Hearthing the hell out of there.

Home. The charred, waterlogged, battlescarred, wiser Eyebrows rested, feeding freshly baked bread to her new azure-shaded acquisition that she hadn't the patience to wait fifty levels to claim. She named it appropriately, targeted it, and typed an emote that told the world not only her feelings for her new pet, but also a single phrase that summed up everything she'd went through with bordelrine comedic accuracy that would be lost on anyone who hadn't gone through it themselves. It displayed itself in orange for all to see...

"Eyebrows loves Trouble."

She sure as hell does.

Addon Spotlight: Best. Addons. Ever. {WoW}

Nov 11th 2010 3:05PM I hope "Best Around Level-Up" can be modified to use other sounds, because if I can hear the FF Battle Victory theme every time I level up, I'm SOLD.

Also, definitely getting Awwwww, solely for the fact that the Price is Right failhorn is the most epic failure sound effect in the history of mankind. Whoever composed it should seriously have a shrine to them. With a giant wheel. A giant wheel that promises to land on the $100 slot, only to end up on the $0 slot right after. *buhbuh-buh-buhbuh BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWW*