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  • Cyberfiend - Lvl 60 NE Rogue on Dragonblight
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Why does everyone want to DPS? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2007 1:35PM I have three chars who i love and play regularly, one of which is a 70 night elf rogue. i love how much damage he puts out in raids and w/o a group in general. although i do hate the challenges that are required to prove im the top rogue on the server(which im not, my gear is in the shitter). but as a all dps class u have to strive to be the best to be wanted by guilds, if ur not known as a good rogue or dpser then u can kiss your next spot in a guild good bye.
My other two chars that i love are a 44 human fire mage(lots of damage and dps but i die way to much, hense why hes not 70)
And last but deffinatly not least my 29 BG twink Draenei furry warrior, i love him, and when i finally have enough time outa school and other stuff i plan to lvl him seriously, mainly because furry spec warriors are take most of the rogue spots in the raids becuase they can take more dmg and not die in one or if your lucky rogues 2 hits to die.

Ding! {WoW}

Nov 8th 2006 10:00PM I admit i did say ding all the time when i was lvling my first char but now that i have several alts all lvl 20+ the whole ding and guildies sending out a macro gets old and annoying even if u are the one that lvled...i will from time to time see a complete newb get ignored in LFG channel b/c he says ding lvl 2...ding lvl 3...ding lvl 4...and so on...but i am in agreement the only time i really say ding is if it is lvl 40 or for lvl 60...or unless i have a BOE Epic drop that i am gona use instead of sell and then i might...just might prob wont but i might say ding lvl and also say its about time i get to use blah blah blah...soo ya i think the whole ding thing gets annoying and old even tho some of macros ppl waste their time to make are rather funny